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Meet Children’s Education Expert, Farhana Jameel


Farhana Jameel, a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, has spent over three decades in the education sector. In that time, she has gained significant insights into how the industry works and what makes for quality education. Her knowledge and passion for learning have helped shape the minds of many young learners, making a positive impact on their futures.

Hailing from England and Saudi Arabia, Farhana’s passion for education began at an early age. She received her early education from England and later completed her higher education with a Master’s degree from Karachi University in Pakistan. She has since dedicated her life to children’s education, working tirelessly to provide quality education to young children.

With a career spanning over 35 years, Farhana believes that the foundation of a child’s education is essential. She founded the Learning Roots education center to provide young children with quality education and learning opportunities. Farhana’s dedication, passion, and experience have helped her become one of the most respected educators in Pakistan.

Learning Roots is a complete preparation center providing quality education for children from 2-10 years of age. Farhana learned that early childhood education is a critical period in a child’s life, and their success or failure at this stage can determine their future. With this in mind, Learning Roots provides a nurturing and supportive environment for young learners, ensuring that they receive the education and care they need.

Farhana’s experience has also shaped her belief that learning goes beyond just academics. She believes that students need to develop artistic skills to foster love and compassion in individuals from all walks of life. Her focus on creativity and innovation ensures that her students have a holistic education that prepares them not just for academics, but for life.

In addition to founding Learning Roots, Farhana is also a dedicated wing head of the UDAAN Project for CEBO Management Company. The UDAAN project’s primary goal is to make education accessible to everyone, providing both academic and artistic activities to help foster students’ love of learning. By promoting both art and intelligence, the UDAAN project aims to help every student achieve their full potential.

Farhana’s contributions to children’s education have not gone unnoticed, and she has been recognized for her dedication. Her hard work and achievements have earned her numerous awards, including accolades from the Government of Pakistan. However, for Farhana, the true reward comes from seeing her students succeed.

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In conclusion, Farhana Jameel’s 35 years of experience in the education sector have helped shape the minds of many young learners and have made a positive impact on their futures. Her dedication, passion, and innovation have been instrumental in providing quality education to children, and her holistic approach ensures that they are prepared for all aspects of life. These efforts have won her accolades and recognition, but for Farhana, the true reward comes from seeing her students achieve their full potential and become successful in their lives.

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