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From an apprentice-chef to an Entrepreneur-Chef – Journey of Chef Yasir Bin Yamin


By Kamran Hashim/Rafiq Vayani

DUBAI/KARACHI: Chef Yasir Binyamin is known name and a very familiar face throughout HORECA Sector. Currently he is associated as specialist Pan Asian cuisine Chef at Marriott Hotel, Karachi specializing in Pan Asian Cuisine. During in an informal chat with team Team Biz Today International, Chef Yasir Binyamin shared insights into his early career and about his professional journey till now.

Replying to a question regarding how all this started, he said; It started at an early age, like most of the kids of our time, I also wanted to be a Doctor, but the thought of being a Doctor always felt boring and somehow cooking use to excite me a lot. The simple thought of cooking or of preparing a meal use to excite me a lot.

How and when did your journey begin? On which we replied as; I have been around for almost 15 years now, my professional journey started off immediately after completing my intermediate Level and from there; me and some of my some friends opted to go to National Institute of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management (NICAHM) now known as Skillston for further studies. I am from NICAHMs first batch of graduates. I got my Diploma in Professional Cookery & Culinary Arts in 2013”.

He went on to add that; after completing my formal education at NICAHM, someone referred me and my friends to Ramada Plaza by Wydham, where they were planning to establish their hot-kitchen. We were hired their as an apprentice/trainee resulting in start of my professional career. witnessing commercial kitchen for the first was a very unique and excellent experience in itself. Initially it felt very challenging but then things started to fall in order. First three months werent much and then I started getting involved more and more and then to full extent. I set my self a very simple target of learning something new (new recipe) every day and this resulted in getting hand-on experience which a lot too. As I got deeper into it, I started learning more every day”.

On his first professional work experience he said; after completion of my training period, I was immediately offered an opportunity to work as cook and then moved to Pan Asian Cuisine and stayed on-it since then. Also had the opportunity to work at newly established Chinese Restaurant by the name of Yu Shi Restaurant, where playing and juggling with fire and high flames were excitement of next level”.

Sharing his exciting trial experience, he said; my next destination was Mövenpick Hotel as Demi chef De partie, where my responsibility included from preparation, cooking food and assisting in all areas of the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My story of moving to Mövenpick Hotel is very interesting. After clearing my interviews, I was asked to give a trial. After three day trial, Head Chef at that time said, he hadnt seen such mind blowing trial till now. I wanted to impress during my trial and luckily in succeeded in impressing to those who mattered”.

Chef Yasir added by saying that; shuffling and switching places kept going on at regular intervals, I moved to Pan-Asia Restaurant, then to Bambou Restaurant, then Ginsoy, then to the Great Wall Restaurant, then again to Ginsoy-Live. Somewhere in between, I had also started my consultancy business for entrepreneurs who wish to open-up/start-up new restaurants”.

He also added by saying: PF Chang Restaurant was one of the most challenging experience of my professional career and this one drained me the most, spent a good amount of time there too before moving to Karachi Marriott Hotel as Specialist Pan-asian Cuisine Chef at their signature outlet Nami Zumi”.

Any advice to newcomers in this industry, on which Chef Yasir said; Try to get to know more about your diners, ask about their palate, their dining preferences (if any), knowing more about your patrons always adds value.

On his future plans Chef Yasir said; apart from being an expert-chef, I am skilled at budgeting and my numbers-game is strong too and these are the two most important skills required for new projects/consultancy. I like to moving around, exploring new avenues, looking up-to new challenges and having new experiences.

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