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Meet Ayeda Nasim, A Reiki and Mind Sciences Practitioner and Instructor


My name is Ayeda Nasim, and for the past twelve years, I have been practicing Reiki and various mind sciences as a practitioner and Grandmaster. I strongly believe that through the use of Reiki and other mind sciences techniques, it is possible to heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses and issues. This belief stems from a personal experience that led me down this path.

Nearly a decade ago, my mother, my Ammi, was completely bedridden due to a severe case of arthritis that had caused her hip bone to dislocate. We explored numerous treatments, but there was no improvement in her condition. Eventually, her hip bone became deformed and dislocated, leading one of the top orthopedic surgeons to conclude that there was no hope for her and that she would have to live in that condition indefinitely. This news devastated our family.

At that point, a family friend suggested trying Reiki treatment. My father asked me if I was willing to give it a try, and without hesitation, I said yes. After eight months of consistent Reiki sessions, my Ammi miraculously stood on her feet again. This profound experience made me realize the extent of suffering that people endure due to incurable diseases or chronic pain. Motivated by this revelation, I delved deeper into learning different forms of Reiki, spiritual healing, and Mind Sciences techniques.

During this time, my younger brother approached me with severe knee pain. I provided him with two Reiki sessions, and he was cured, thanks to Allah. Encouraged by his recovery, he suggested that I expand my healing services beyond just family and close friends. Thus, the Aynalqalb Reiki and Mind Sciences Clinic was formed, and our clients and patients began to increase not only within Pakistan but also globally, thanks to ALLAH.

In addition to my work in Reiki and mind sciences, I am also a Computer Systems Engineer and a Co-Founder of ZigZagger. Our team consists of graphic designers, web developers, content writers, and experts in SEO, SEM, as well as creating promotional ads and videos. The idea for ZigZagger had been brewing in my mind since my graduation, as I had always dreamed of starting my own e-commerce business. However, I waited until Aynalqalb had gained recognition before embarking on this new venture. Now, ZigZagger is gradually establishing itself, particularly in Pakistan. Although we initially focused on clients in the United States, we have been striving to build a presence in our home country for the past couple of years. We have successfully completed several projects here, and I firmly believe that we will achieve great success in Pakistan as well.

In summary, my journey as a Reiki and mind sciences practitioner began with a life-changing experience involving my mother’s recovery. This led me to explore and learn various healing techniques, eventually establishing the Aynalqalb Reiki and Mind Sciences Clinic, which has gained recognition worldwide. Simultaneously, as a Computer Systems Engineer and Co-Founder of ZigZagger, I have been working towards establishing a successful e-commerce business, primarily focused on clients in Pakistan. With each step, I strive to bring healing, joy, and success to those I encounter, both in person and through my professional endeavors.

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