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“Local teacher making a difference”


By Hina Imran

I am a teacher by profession, photographer by passion, foodaholic by nature and cannot just sit idle!

The idea came when a lot of parents reached out to me to explain them how I teach my students and how to reinforce regularly. My purpose of making videos on English Grammar concepts became a reality when I figured out they needed a local Pakistani teacher to explain things as if it is a school environment. I can feel a lot of parents stranded in the middle of school year wanting to nourish their child, hence gave birth to my channel.

I dived into the situation when I had no idea how to edit videos or make it look outstanding with animation. Searched and studied online spent hours and hours on learning, the only thing on my mind was how to reach out to students and parents in order to facilitate them. Some part of my body wanted me to just relax and watch movies and take it as a vacation but the willingness to help children in distress overcame that thought.

How to be an effective Creative Writer!

Creative writing is a vast category and I have infused popular strategies that can help your child to pick up the pencil and start writing.

• How to teach singular and plural noun| English lesson | ESL | Spoken English
• This video is to show children how to fight, stop, prevent and keep coronavirus away.
For more videos please subscribe to my channel. Hope it serves the purpose and reaches out to help people. This is a small act from my side to help the community in this epidemic. Please support this cause and help it to reach as many parents and children as you can.

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