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Meet Sharmeen Sajjad founder of Sharmeen’s Artistic Impressions


Time to time we all indulge ourselves into the idea of setting up our own business but usually we end up dismissing the thought with numerous reasons like the timing is not right or majorly because we are not ready to take the risk of investing into our dreams completely. We are afraid to take the leap of faith but today this story is of someone who decided to venture into the depths of her dream with all that it takes with sound strategy and calculative risks.

Sharmeen’s Artistic Impressions was founded by Mrs. Sharmeen Sajjad in January 2021 with support from her husband and two doting Children. She was able to bag this success due to her strong-willed personality and passion towards art.

Since early on Sharmeen exhibited her interest in arts and started her journey towards acquiring artistic skills through the assistance of her late uncle. He was her complete guide, a mentor who taught her different art mediums but little did he know that she would become a full-fledged artist as an adult and he would not be around to celebrate her achievements.

She started her career as Visual Arts teacher from a renowned school in 2007 and has been working as one till date to encourage young minds to be creative and carry on in the footsteps of great artists. She kept herself engaged in major projects like wall murals and painting themed banners, alongside her teaching career to keep challenging herself.

Over the years, she kept indulging herself into different forms of art. Until recently when her attention was caught by resin art. She was captivated with the beauty of creating masterpieces out of resin that she enrolled herself into training programs to learn the skill of mastering resin. After completion of training programs, she started experimenting with resin to understand the nature and sensitivity of the material. During which time came to finally decide whether to dive deep in and invest all her savings to register for exhibition and to buy materials for the preparation or to leave the thought behind. Her instinct got the best of her, and she decided to go ahead with the process of registering and purchasing.

She exhibited in December 2021 for the first time at The Crafters Expo organised by The Crafters Guild after a year of training and experimenting. She still remembers how anxious she was a night before the exhibition wondering if people would like her work or even make a purchase. But all her fears came to rest when she closed her stall with good amount of sales and constructive feedback and love from the customers which motivated her into further polishing her skills and adding more variety into her product line. Since that day there is no looking back, and she is excelling more with each turn of life. She has been exhibiting for 02 years now and have had multiple collaborations with renowned companies like Unilever and Runway Pakistan. Not only this but she has been provided with an opportunity to be a part of the Crafters Guild (Community) delegate to hold a breakfast for Consulate Generals of Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to her exhilarating success in little time, she has been invited to Lively Weekends by Kiran Khan on HUM TV. Currently she is working with The Wrap Studio at Springs store in the form of stockings.(for all gifting needs).

She is resilient and persistent to grow her venture with time and investment in a span of next two years and depending on the growth of the business she has plans of hiring help to even create job opportunities for individuals who are willing to dive deep into their dreams just like she did.

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