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Dr. Lubna Hafeez on a mission to create best health facilities for rural women


After completing her MBBS from Isra University Hyderabad, Dr. Lubna Hafeez Siddiqui now practices as gynecologist and sonologist. She is also the President/founder of an NGO by the name of Nayab Welfare Human Health Care and orphanage association (Registered Number 1772). She also is an active Rotarian and contributes regularly for Rotary Club of Karachi ‘Sindh Valley’.

Dr. Lubna Hafeez Siddiqui was talking to team Biz Today International on her social work via her NGO and through Rotary channel. She said; “working infrastructure has always failed to delight me over persuading my passion and creating an urge to become a gynecologist. Growing up as an abreast kid has made me estimate an exponential ratio of people migrating to foreign countries where they invest their intelligence and soft skill in which they are rewarded with appreciation and recognition as a reward”.

She added by saying, “I was also one them, and carried that same zeal, enthusiasm and ideology, until I was exposed to a big masses of women struggling with chronic disorders and acute diseases of which they were unknown.  It feels like a sin to synchronize it to the illness we experience”.

Dr. Lubna further added by saying; “as a critical thinker woman has always sounded me as a Goddess because of the crazy moves she can take unlike others. From giving birth to making her nation standout & steadfast, this is something that we all can vouch to this”.

“If this reflection of ray is treated abrasively under the medical umbrella it touches my soul so hard, that young lubna a fresh MBBS doctor decided to specialize in gynecology to serve as a mentor to the women of this nation and facilitating the best in health and awareness of self-grooming”, said Dr. Lubna.

Initially it was a bit dreamy but, we held on by taking a small initiative by inaugurating a clinic, which aimed to scale best for women health. My friendly nature and soft-skills of understanding human dynamics has increased number of patients from 5% to 90% who fawn by investing their full trust on me and my health team. I can proudly state that according to the past records we were able to bring a vast change in personal grooming of women. This success has a lot of blood and sweat behind covering following events;

Mega Camps: Our team-work has always has been successful over scheduling three mega camps yearly in which we provide free antenatal check-ups, all base-line checks, BMI-test, Eye-tests and Ultrasound.
Free Essentials:  Being a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife, i truly encourage the significance of essential toiletries a woman should carry.
Training: we as a mentors believe in skilling our health workers like mid-wife, lady-health-visitors (LHVs) or as Lady Health Workers (LHW).
Family building awareness: Annually we arrange small seminars in rural areas, in which we give awareness with regard to the birth control program.

On her concluding note; Dr. Dr. Lubna Hafeez Siddiqui said; “I surely assert that the above mentioned steps have opened wide doors to the health for women and make themselves stand out as a candidate to this society and I still aim to simulate more”.

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