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Meet brilliant gotta jewellery designer and crafter, Mehvish Uzair Shaikh


My name is Mehvish Uzair Shaikh, a crazy professional artist, gotta jewellery designer, and crafter. I am 31 years old married woman.

Currently, I am running 2 small ventures, i.e., Charm’s Handicrafts, which deals in handmade jewellery, paper crafts, and home decor items. The other is Artist Mehvish Uzair, which deals in contemporary art, calligraphy, and much more. It also represents Made in Pakistan.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job because you’re the pillar of many responsibilities like creator, designer, financer, marketing manager, social media handler, photographer, videographer, and CEO.

I remember when I launched Charm’s Handicrafts, I faced so much like “why are you wasting your time and money” and “this profession has no scope.” But I Don’t listen to them. I cried many times just to let these thoughts out of me and prayed a lot. Then guess what, my first exhibition was a success.

Charm’s Handicrafts is my very first venture. Gotta jewellery is easily available in markets, but the designs I create are unique. I believe in pure dedication and love, which are the true essence of a good product. You see it in my products. I also have a collection which I named the “MISH collection”, which is a special dedication to me.

Artist Mehvish Uzair is a conceptual and spiritual venture of Us (Me and my beloved husband). It represents my heart and soul. I love to play with colours. I believe Art is the biggest deep ocean. If you dive deeper, you’ll learn more. Recently I officially launched it into the market and ALHUMDULILLAH the response is beyond my expectations.

Lastly, I believe that Almighty ALLAH has the best plan for me. He is the only one who helped me. My beloved mother, husband, my friends, support me the most, and I am thankful for it. Friends and family are the best blessings.

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