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Meet Urooj, one of the arising talents of Pakistan in the Telecomputing domain



Being successful is the yearning of every individual residing on this constantly developing planet. Here is Urooj Saqib, a young woman with diverse business industry experiences. As a sales and marketing graduate, she explored herself through working in various business sectors including marketing, sales, HR, research, administration and much more. A young disciplined superwoman with outstanding leadership expertise, strong work ethics, and professionalism arising in Pakistan.

Being a high achiever in O-levels in her school, Urooj continued with A-levels private and started to work along with studies to polish her skills and become self-aware. Exploring her potential career in corporate management, she graduated with BBA – in Sales & Marketing with the first division. While studying for BBA, Urooj worked with a couple of organizations to discover which business domain will be lucrative for her. Giving blood and sweat in everything she does makes her stiffer and more diligent.

At the beginning of COVID-19, Urooj worked as a Virtual Assistant at the mental health organization, The House of Pebbles. With several duties at HOP, she hosted a live session with one of the trainers of Franklin Covey Education Pakistan. Afterwards, she was hired as a Research Intern in an NGO titled Green Crescent Trust, where she has to research some confidential data about the education budget from authentic resources. This raw data has to be turned into a representable form to illustrate it to Pakistani politician member of Jamaat e Islami, Zahid Saeed. Later, Urooj was hired as a Project Liaison in a US-based wise-tech company, AHS Consulting Inc. Working in a completely different environment in the international market was one of her biggest milestones. Managing a university and multiple jobs at the same time was challenging as well as stimulating for her.

Nowadays, Urooj is working as a content creator in Australian companies to explore more about work approaches worldwide. Urooj is an unstoppable and invincible character as far. She gives all the credit to her mother, Lubna Arshad, for being a single parent and making her persistent. Lubna taught her to be autonomous and self-sufficient in the can of worms. Another factor behind her prosperity is her husband, Saqib Javed since he supports her in achieving her ambition. Creating a peaceful environment where she can work on-screen day and night is the massive support from her husband. Saqib always encourages her to pursue her career and ensures that she never misses any opportunity she’s enthusiastic about.

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