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Meet brilliant Chef Umaima Basit


A quote by Marva Collins states, “success does not come to you, you go to it.” This is exactly how I look at my success. My definition of success is being happy and doing what you love and since childhood I love cooking and experimenting different self-made recipes.

 “It’s fair to say cooking is in my blood’’.

“I have a few favourite celebrity cooks, but my mother is the best chef in my life.” She’s my super-chef because she can prepare anything and has taught me a lot about the kitchen.”

The only way I can achieve this goal is by receiving an education which is relevant, proper professional coaching, saving money, and picking a career path that I will enjoy, Hence I’ve completed several short courses from the well-recognized chef of continental cuisine Sir Yousef (late), Moreover, Shireen Anwar was also my mentor who helped me understand from basic to advance level techniques of preparing Desi food. The ability to mix various ingredients and bring them together in a new and beautiful way is exciting. In addition to main courses, I gained experience in Hi-tea, Chinese and fast food from Nazeeha Khan. 

I have also started giving classes to beginners for cooking which I feel my biggest achievement. My First order was two-pound marble cake and dam qeema which was highly appreciate by everyone who tried it.

Managing Team, events and big orders is also one of my core competence. Having the potential to deliver such unique satisfaction to others through food provides him a level of personal gratification incomparable to any other pursuit. Talking about the quality of the food, it’s the consistency that has built a strong reputation for my brand of home cooked food.

“I was driven by three factors. My enthusiasm for cooking, the large market for handmade cuisine in Karachi, particularly among office workers, and lastly, a career that allowed me to care for my family, particularly my children, made home-based work the only option for me.

“Our society’s main problem is that it believes a woman’s financial requirements should be met by her father, brother, or husband, and that in exchange, she should fulfil her responsibilities to her family.”

Few people recognise that women have aspirations to pursue, successes to accomplish, and a good name to establish. 

Women who want to start a business are often discouraged by family and friends who say things like “You can’t do it” or “It’s such a useless business idea,” among other things. The second difficulty is obtaining capital and funding to establish a firm. Families typically distrust women’s entrepreneurial ideas and believe they will fail, therefore they are hesitant to support them. Always have a vision in mind for whatever you undertake.

Knowing your future plans keeps you from being stagnate and propels your project forward. Finally, it never hurts to dream big, whether it’s running your own restaurant, making home-made food or anything else, as its not failure but low aim is crime.

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