Home Blog Happy Mother’s Day to one of the most inspiring and strong mother “Sonakshi Goyal” from Dubai

Happy Mother’s Day to one of the most inspiring and strong mother “Sonakshi Goyal” from Dubai


She believe everyone’s motherhood journey is very special but sonakshi’s bit unique and all thanks to 2020, Covid 19 for making it more special and memorable for her.

During her pregnancy in 2020, She had gone through a roller-coaster changes and challenges however, being positive always and accepting things as they come, She is now glad to have those challenging opportunities in her life which made her stronger than before.

She continued to work in office until She was 7 months pregnant however, because of Covid She couldn’t find a caretaker, and no one could travel from her home India hence, She decided to work from home and take care of herself and her home.

As much as She have support from her husband, he couldn’t be with her at all the time due to his job and commitments to his company being a hotelier. During lockdown, She stayed home, took care of her home ( day to day ) together with her professional commitments and deliverables which wasn’t easy at all.

She always used to tell her daughter (while she was in tummy) “without hard work we won’t get anything, and we have to face every situation with passion and positivity” She said it was her first pregnancy, first baby of course – and She can’t express that time in words, but it wasn’t easy at all and She believe anyone who have been in that situation can defiantly understand what She is trying to refer.

She delivered on August 10th, 2020 and that was only one relief, rest was – how and who will take care of post-delivery moving forward. Still, she was hopping someone could travel from back home to extend their support, but it was just a hope still.

It was a time for sonakshi to quit her job as She just could not take it anymore and As she decided to give her full attention to her newborn, herself and home.

She continued to get directions from families over the phone / video call and with support of her husbands and few friends in dubai . She took care of everything as guided by parents. Her In-Laws could travel to Dubai only after 3 months of her delivery and further blessings started coming into life afterwards.

Her personality is very active hence, one day – She decided to open her YouTube Channel “Sona ke Saath Dubai Life” with the intention in mind to support community with all what She have learnt recently during her delivery as She have seen many women were struggling due to Covid 19 and lock down all around.

The whole purpose was to spread the positivity and information to all to give them some strength and moral support as much as She can and luckily, She started getting responses from her viewers which was so exciting and motivation for her to continue.

Since, She started getting positive response from my viewers and then, it was a time for her to relook on her Instagram profile and which was also converted from personal to business account to continue with what She was doing on her youtube channel and She started posting her small clips with the link of her youtube channel which definitely helped her a lot to become famous.

She have been invited in several events, awarded as best influence and so forth – she is not only limited to her accounts, She is also managing her daughter’s Instagram account “Vasvi Tayal” who got more than 1k followers and posts.

She loved by the community, her viewers, and her supports – she said this is what is my achievement. She said I am now employed, I have my own social media / social life / personal life which I am managing everyday and moving forward with great success and I continue and will continue to support the community with my knowledge and what I have learnt in life so far.

She also said that The life and life is not easy – and if your life is easy, there is no fun and no challenges – there are no learning and opportunity.

Above was just a small summary, to know more about Sonakshi Goyal, continue to watch or follow her on youtube “Sona ke Saath_Dubai Life” Instagram “Vlogger_Sona ke Saath”

Let’s make the women empowered! If you are empowered the world is empowered.

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