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Meet founder of Bake ‘n’ Flake” by Amber’s Delight


My name is Khair-Un-Nisa (Amber) Iqbal, a housewife and an entrepreneur. My online business is “Bake ‘n’ Flake” by “Amber’s Delight”. I have always remained a foodie as far back as I can remember and still a one, but recalling my childhood, I had no interest in cooking but to praise my  I will remain one, but for my mom’s delicacies which she was famous for. Things took a turn when I got married into an extreme foodie family and I had to step into the world of cooking. The journey from trying basic cuisines to now introducing my own recipe has been amazing but not a piece of cake, I Tell You that! I gained a little, I Jumping into the bandwagon of learning this art while being 24/7 was not easy. But now, when I see my recipes and my journey featuring in magazines, cooking shows etc.

I finally feel all that hassle is worth it. Through all those ups and downs I remained persistent on my goal. I still had the hope, the aim, and the courage to continue despite many fails efforts. The greatest example can be taken of macaroons where most professional chef often fail to get the desired outcome. Same thing happened with me I kept making macaroons, despite of ineffective results and back breaking work I finally achieved my goal as I was the first to introduce pizza in my family 20 years back.

I started my business on a smaller extent on the demand of my daughter 15 years ago by sharing some cooking recipes on my page which went admired by people and Alhumdulillah now it’s widely reachable. Later a thought ran through my head that why not should I set up a catering business and from then I have been taking vast orders throughout including: Hi-tea, Mehndi, My Special Mandi and Madbhi and list goes on. Today I successfully run a page on Facebook as well as Instagram from where I gain always a great response. There have been a many learning experience throughout my journey and now Alhumdulillah I give classes at my home on how to make macaroons and it is still one of the most demanded recipe among my students. It all started when my daughters expressed their wish to showcase my skill on professional platforms and were further encouraged by my husband. It took few all-nighters to setup a page, create menu, brainstorming market prices and voila!

My ‘ Bake n Flake’ was ready to roll. From announcing one positive feedbacks on page to announcing my guest appearance on renowned international cooking show ‘ Masala Morning by Shireen Anwer’. Not only that, so far I have been awarded various certificates; certified on baking course from Seven Chef, also Baking Diploma from Masterclass on International level and currently doing diploma course in culinary from Masterclass on International level. Furthermore, Masterclass selected me for the shoot of my recipe for “Dawn News” where I taught the recipe of “Texas Grilled Chicken Burger”. In addition I have been awarded on participation in “Turkish Cuisines”, Arabic Cuisines”. Now, I am invited as a judge in many events where I used to participate. It’s all because of the ceaseless support of my family that I reached this level of triumph. Although it’s a little challenging for me as a housewife, mother and a grandmother to maintain and manage everything at once. Now I give classes at my home some of them were “Arabic Cuisines”, Turkish Cuisines “and “Streets Food Class” and IA I will continue to give classes.

My dream is accomplished after much struggle and long journey of an ordinary cooking housewife to now a cooking expert with national and international students. A journey of competition in cooking competition to attending those competition as chief guest. A journey of watching masala morning and admiring those chefs to actually working with them in masala morning. A journey of desiring a small award for my cooking to now buying another divider to keep all of my precious international and national awards and certificate I have come a long way and still a long way to go and Inshallah now I am moving my business on a larger platform as soon I will be opening a studio on reasonable prices, will keep you guys updated for sure IA. Which will be specifically for those women who can’t afford big institutes and the only support of their families, so that they can serve our country as entrepreneurs.

I thank Almighty Allah, my husband my daughters for being my strength. And most importantly, I thank that Amber for believing in herself.

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