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Meet homebased chef Umme Abdullah founder of Yumm Food Diaries


I am Umme Abdullah mother of two kids, a housewife and now the owner of a small food business. My journey started few years ago when my life got out of balance. I lost my sister, losing my Baji was something I never thought I would have to go through, she was someone I was closest to.

Then there were tons of other issues which became a reason for my severe depression. I had always been fond of cooking and would big events on my own. But then my niece pushed me to start my own page and it is because of her support that Yumm Food Diaries was born. It wasn’t easy in the beginning to run a food business alongside being a housewife but made it possible. Khowsay is something I consider as my specialty.

This journey was full of bumps and hurdles and the past I suffered from severe Covid-19 and was under intense care saying that I got a second life would be true but I am back on my feet and ready to roll. A special thanks to Ayesha Wajid and the team of HFS you guys have been a great support .I’ll say this to my fellow female entrepreneurs that all you have to do is to take the first step and never give up.

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