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Meet baking artist Sonia Khan member of Homemade Food Service


Hey everyone, this is Sonia Khan a self-taught baking artist who is running a successful home business on her own from Karachi. I started baking in my early teenage years when I was in grade 6 or 7, when I used to live in Hyderabad. Everyone has been a fan of my baking skills ever since, though my life hasn’t been easy and just like everyone else I faced a lot of hurdles to reach where I am at the moment.

In my college years I was diagnosed with epilepsy, a disease which can’t be cured. This didn’t stop me from following my dreams and soon I finished my MBA with a great CGPA and later on got married and shifted to Karachi, Here soon after I was diagnosed with a problem which clearly showed that I could never conceive but today ALHAMDULILLAH I have a 3 years old daughter.

Sonia Khan

After my daughter I gained a lot of weight and decided to do some dieting but my cravings used to get in the way like for any other person that’s when I decided to bake healthy yet delicious and mouthwatering things. While I did this I got the idea of setting up a business in which I would be providing customized cakes, cupcakes and cookies for everyone especially people who want to eat these things without worrying about their weight and health as I decided to use oats flour and sugar free products.

I soon made a Facebook page by the name of bake and butter, ordered all my utensils online and started promoting my business, just a few days later I received my first order, I was literally head on heels when I found out about it. She ordered a 3 pound doctor customized cake which I made it within 2 days and it turned out to be better than expected. I started posting pictures of all the customized cakes and cupcakes with monster cookies on my Facebook page which lead to more customers.

After a month I decided to promote it more so I created an integral page called bakenbutter on Integral too where I stretched out to bloggers and agreed to send them PR packages of my healthy cupcakes and monster cookies which turned out another successful page for me. I also started my own blogging on instagram on another page named as travel temptation by swnya, which is still in process of getting the reach that I dream of.

This has been a real quest for me as I am pompously also a member of a Homemade Food Service which is running by Ayesha wajid! It too has helped me get ahead in my business as it supports every homemade baker or chef get its desired customers. I wish to succeed more with the help of my god and I hope to inspire every girl out there that nothing is impossible especially in today’s era because we have the internet and social media. Don’t let your obstacles stop you instead concur them believe in yourself and get ahead no matter what people say.

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