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Homemaker 2 Entrepreneur Success Story Contest 2020, 2nd prize winner


By Salam Iqbal/ HunerKarri

Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed The well know writer, playwright and broadcaster from Pakistan Quoted a Sufi Saying: “You can learn the way to spend your Life from females in the Villages.To fetch water from the Water Well is their time of entertainment, the females carry a Clay Pot filled with water on their head and a Clay Pot filled with water in their arms, the path they walk on is uneven, their chit chat while walking on the uneven patch is their time of JOY, not forgetting amidst the chit chat they have to carefully balance the Clay Pots filled with water that their clothes do not get WET”.

Understanding this way of life, full filling their responsibilities across the obstacles they face on a daily basis, utilizing the time making the best of their situations with Joy. This Quote became a part of my life, I followed this Sufi Saying Quoted by Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed, kept my self-engaged/occupied & being positive.

To make a good setup of my Life, I avoided the obstacles, ignored unnecessary issues, comments. The skills we got from Home were the Basic Skills were for Girls in our family which was: Stitching, Embroidery, Cooking. Being a Housewife (Full Time) I gradually used these skills that became my expertise, Part time I started taking orders for Dresses in my Free-Time from selected clients with a limited capacity I can handle.

As my children grew up my responsibilities changed, I had more Free-Time time I wanted to venture into something new, with the present age of Advanced Technology having the access to Social Media I was able to promote my New Clothing Venture named as “HUNERKAARI”

Eventually my children grew-up, married started their own life’s, I had a lot of Free-Time on my hands, I took this opportunity & decided I am not going to waste my time by sitting watching TV, I used the Free-Time Surfed the Internet, discovered something amazing beautiful and close to my heart, this was a Tasbeeh with beautiful flowers which gave me immediately a brainwave to switch my venture from Clothing to Prayer Accessories. I started Exhibiting my Products with well know Platforms in Karachi-PK.  The overwhelming positive feedback I received with encouraging comments which I never have experienced before Alhamdulillah.

Embarking on this journey, the positive feedback received from my clients, friends, Social Media Groups, supporters etc. (The List goes on & on I do not want to miss anyone out who motivated supported my dream to succeed as a House wife, with the enormous support I realized that a House-wife can achieve her dreams & goals, was not an easy task “The Sufi” quote guided me through this process individually.

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