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The way forward for Pakistan with Pakistan’s Information Minister by Founder of CPG


By Afshan Lalani

ISLAMABAD: ‘Need to bring Pakistaniat in Pakistan’, said the Federal Information Minister Senator Shibli Faraz in an interview with Muhammad Azfar Ahsan. He shared Prime Minister’s vision of ‘change’ Pakistan which is based on the framework, timeline, outreach and global value chain. He emphasized upon the revival of Radio Pakistan in order to develop credibility of Pakistan Entertainment capability and raising the international stature. He emphasized on what common man expects from the Prime Minister and it will be a paradigm shift if they are able to develop something which can integrate the Government’s vision with that of the people’s expectation. He also highlighted the challenges of commitment, capacity issues, team incompetency, weariness of bureaucratic machinery and institutional coordination & dysfunctionality. He stressed upon the need to work collectively and with consistency.

Muhammad Azfar highlighted the lack of communication strategy by the Government. Senator Shibli accepted the fact that the Government has not been able to communicate the positive aspects of the work done by the Government. He elaborated upon the programs which has been undertaken by the present Government like social and education reforms which are being materialized in a certain way and with clear timelines. PTI got unprecedently elected in KPK with substantial numbers. He also appreciated the strategy of ‘smart lockdown’ which is being introduced by PTI and as a result are able to control the pandemic of COVID-19. To control the resulting economic devastation, he introduced ‘EHSAAS’ program to distribute Rs. 12k to all deserving aspirants. He emphasized upon the need to balance between lives and livelihood. To safeguard the territorial integrity, Pakistan has really played a meaningful role on the issue of Kashmir with India. He quoted, “awaz de kar chup gaye har baar zindagi, hum itne sada dil theay har baar aa gaye”. He said that People have confidence in PTI just like him with no political background. Muhammad Azfar Ahsan suggested the need for dialogue between the Pakistani Army and the Civil Society.

Senator quoted, “People look for political patronage as people don’t have much faith in law”. The nuclear status of both Pakistan and China, has had an impact on Kashmir & CPEC. He did not agree with the ideology of India as they promote instability and which results in threat for regional peace. He feels that it is high time to expose India as Pakistan’s relationship with China has been entrenched on common political standing and with convergent views on various global issues. International community must come forward to play their role. Senator stressed upon the success in Pakistan’s foreign policy by virtue of which Pakistan is now recognized for its role in the comity of nations and is heard at all forums.

It was shocking when there was not a single speaker from Pakistan at the Saudi Arabia Future Investment Initiative Summit. There were 301 speakers and 5000 delegates. He was not aware of the details, but he is of the view that as a nation, we are complacent and unable to follow up due to lack of enthusiasm.

Senator Shibli was vocal about PPP not playing its due role specially in developing Karachi despite it being the economic hub of Pakistan. He emphasized on the elections of local bodies in the city government and advised to develop Provincial Finance Commission which will empower PTI to be able to develop Karachi.

In the end, Muhammad Azfar Ahsan highlighted few points related to Entertainment Industry where he mentioned that prime time talk shows generally spread pessimism which is detrimental for the nation. He also spoke about Turkish Drama Artugal where he suggested promoting more of Pakistani Artists and Pakistani culture. He also highlighted the fact that there must be more Pakistani projects, drama, web series, films on Netflix.

Mei kat girun ya Salamat rahun Yakeen hai mujhe ye saare sitam koi tou giraye ga

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