Home Blog In next few days Japan Fujifilm’s Corp. would be launching antidrug Avigan for covid’19 victims

In next few days Japan Fujifilm’s Corp. would be launching antidrug Avigan for covid’19 victims


By Muhammad Jahangir Alam

It’s been quite a long that the world is tremendously surrounded by the pandemic coronavirus and has caused a widespread panic and fear. But now it’s time to calm down as Japan has recently announced regarding the antidrug for covid’19. With the outbreak spreading so fast and no vaccine or treatment on the horizon, Japan Health Minister Katsunobu Kato had urged to find an existing drug that could be used to treat the wave of patients that was sure to come.

That is when japan came up with one of their anti-influenza drug called ‘AVIGAN’, which had developed decades earlier by the Fujifilm subsidiary Toyama chemical. This drug is being used as an emergency measure to treat dozens of covid ’19 patients and is quite effective especially for the one having mild symptoms. On March 17 Zhang Xinmin, an official at china’s ministry of science and technology, said that Favipiravir, the generic version of Avigan has proved to be effective in treating covid’9 patients at hospitals in Wuhan and Shenzhen. Fujifilm Toyama Chemical co. said clinical testing to evaluate the efficacy of Avigan (Favipiravir) has begun and they are already in the third phase of it.

The government’s top spokesman said “we intend to expand the clinical research on Avigan with countries wishing to cooperate”. Moreover, Fujifilm’s claims that very soon they would be ready with drug for approximately 2,000,000 victims around the globe. And so far, 30 countries have already reached out to the. And ever since they have proclaimed about this anti-drug their stock market has increased by 17%.

Here comes the most interesting part that Japan government is considering providing Avigan for free, chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide saga said. But as always the America and Israel doesn’t want it and using all his powers to create hindrance for japan just because they want themselves to launch the anti-drug or vaccine to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars and the story doesn’t end as they aim to bring more disaster around the globe through those drugs which would basically leave such side effects in the body that would make the situation more worse than today.

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