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Sofia Sacoor’s SÜ1 Athleisure Brand Partners with Al Jalila Foundation to Transform Lives


DUBAI: SÜ1, the pioneering athleisure brand founded by 17-year-old entrepreneur Sofia Sacoor, has recently announced its partnership with Al Jalila Foundation, a global healthcare philanthropic organisation. With both organisations sharing a similar ethos, this collaboration aims to support children with Type 1 Diabetes and to advance medical innovation and healthcare accessibility in the UAE and beyond. 

The Inspiration Behind SÜ1: SÜ1, inspired by Sofia Sacoor’s nickname “Su,” is more than just an athleisure brand; it is a lifeline and support system for children with Type 1 Diabetes. Sofia, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 8, founded SÜ1 to help others facing similar challenges. Not just a clothing line, it’s a movement encouraging a fit lifestyle crucial for people with diabetes and their goals aren’t measured in profit, but in the number of lives they touch.

Every item of clothing that SÜ1 creates carries the hope for a healthier future and the belief that together, they can make a significant difference. Showcasing their promise in actions and not just words, SÜ1 pledges $5 or AED 20 from each sale towards institutions aiding children with Type 1 Diabetes. This innovative business model combines fashion with philanthropy, aiming to touch as many lives as possible in the process.

From March 23rd to 25th of this year, SÜ1 launched its first-ever pop-up at Sunway Pyramid Mall in Malaysia with the proceeds from every piece sold being donated to the pediatric wing at Sunway Medical Centre. During the pop-up, Sofia visited Sunway University to deliver an inspirational talk, sharing her personal journey of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and her decision to start SÜ1 to help other children in her position. At the end of the three-day pop-up, Sofia donated a RM15,000 cheque to Sunway Medical Centre, establishing a fund to support children and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes.

A Pioneer of Health and Wellness in the UAE – Al Jalila Foundation

Al Jalila Foundation, established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, is also dedicated to transforming lives through medical innovation and healthcare philanthropy. Since its inception in April 2013, the foundation has been at the forefront of medical research, education, and treatment, addressing prevalent health challenges such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and mental health.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Research Institute, inaugurated in August 2020, highlights the foundation’s mission to position Dubai and the UAE as leaders in medical advancement. Named after Her Highness Sheikha Al Jalila Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the foundation embodies the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed to improve the Arab world through humanitarian, developmental, and community work.

The Unique Collaboration: The recent partnership between SÜ1 and Al Jalila Foundation is a natural alignment of their missions to promote healthcare access and support individuals with medical challenges. This collaboration has already seen a significant impact, with SÜ1’s contributions supporting Al Jalila Foundation’s dedicated Diabetes Center and other specialised segments within the foundation, including the Al Jalila Children’s Hospital.

Together, SÜ1 and Al Jalila Foundation have launched various initiatives to support children with Type 1 Diabetes, including financial donations, awareness campaigns, and plans for events such as the “Beat Diabetes Walk.” The partnership also aims to facilitate direct support through visits and hands-on activities at the Al Jalila Children’s Hospital, providing not just financial aid but also emotional support and encouragement.

Sofia Sacoor, Founder of SÜ1, said of the partnership, “Al Jalila Foundation is our lifelong partner and we aim to operate different events with the foundation over the coming years to support the health of people from all walks of life. We are blessed to have it by our side and look forward to the future where we can do as much good as possible.”

Sofia Sacoor’s journey with SÜ1 has been greatly supported by her school, GEMS Dubai American Academy (DAA) where Sofia has found an encouraging environment that fosters global citizenship and community engagement. DAA is proud to see its students recognise their opportunities and give back to their community and beyond with the school assisting Sofia to spread her word and purpose, further incentivising her to make a positive impact on a global scale.

Both SÜ1 and Al Jalila Foundation are driven by a shared vision of transforming lives and ensuring no individual is left without access to essential healthcare. This partnership symbolises a commitment to medical advancement, education, and the belief that every individual deserves a chance at a healthy, fulfilling life.

As SÜ1 continues to grow, the partnership with Al Jalila Foundation will evolve, expanding its reach and impact. Sofia Sacoor’s personal journey and dedication to this cause perfectly demonstrate the potential of fashion and philanthropy to create lasting change.

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