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WMO: Kamran Ghani mets Waseem Tai in Dubai


By Rafiq Vayani

DUBAI: Mr Kamran Ghani, Regional President of the World Memon Organisation (WMO) Middle East Chapter, and the President of the Memon Association of Saudi Arabia, Mr Waseem Tai convened in Dubai for an informal discussion over coffee. The two leaders delved into a productive discussion on how they could expand its membership and influence in the Middle East region.

Mr. Ghani emphasized the WMO’s mission of empowering the Memon community globally through education, healthcare, and economic initiatives. He also highlighted the importance of membership and networking, as Saudi Arabia has one of the highest Memon population in the middle east region which can contribute more for the welfare of vulnerable areas where other Memons concentrated.

Mr Waseem Tai expressed keen interest in the WMO’s work and saw great potential for collaboration in Saudi Arabia. He shared insights into the specific needs and aspirations of the Saudi Memon community, suggesting tailored programs that could resonate with local members. The conversation sparked several ideas for collaboration. The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment to collaboration, optimism for the future, and a shared vision of a stronger, more connected Memon community in the Middle East.

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