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Meet brilliant business entrepreneur Muneeza Amin


Muneeza Amin journey began in 2012, inspired by her family’s love for natural healing. Muneeza’s grandpa was really good at using herbs and special pressure points to help people feel better. He even wrote a famous book about it called “Aap ki Sehat Aap ke Hath.”

Passing it On: Nasima’s Turn

Muneeza’s mom, Nasima, loved what her dad did, so she became a therapist too. She started making special oils, shampoos, and herbal stuff at home. This family love for helping people feel good passed down to Muneeza.

Learning More: Muneeza Explores

Muneeza became a therapist like her mom and grandpa. She wanted to learn even more about herbs and natural treatments, so she’s studying something called Hikmat (FTJ) to be even better at helping people feel their best.

Sharing Quietly: Homemade Goodies for 13 Years

For 13 years, we shared our homemade products with friends and family. People liked them a lot because they were natural and didn’t have any bad effects. Our happy customers kept telling us to share our stuff with more people.

Going Online: March 2023

In March 2023, we took a big step and made a website (nauratanherbals.com). Now, everyone can find our natural products online. It’s like our little homemade secret is now for everyone!

Tradition Meets Today: Our Big Dream

Nauratan Herbals is all about keeping our family’s natural healing tradition alive. Muneeza is blending what her family taught her with new things she’s learning. We want to share the goodness of natural healing with the whole world. That’s our dream – making people feel good, the natural way!

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