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Meet Ms. Hania Reggi, General Manager at Tennis and Country Club Fujairah


Myself Hania Reggi my graduation from Midkent College UK with degrees in Education and Software Engineering, I ventured into the realm of marketing to pursue my passion for forward-thinking ideas and artistic expression. At present, I hold the position of General Manager at Tennis and Country Club Fujairah (TCCF). My main responsibilities revolve around generating new business leads, devising marketing and pricing strategies, enhancing the TCCF brand, products, and services, and promoting sports events, exhibitions, teams, and players. I achieve this by establishing strong connections with other brands in the sports industry in Fujairah and the UAE.

My current role at TCCF allows me to apply my skills, knowledge, and experiences. I bring my expertise and passion for event planning and management to the table. My love for event planning stems from my early experiences before entering the professional world. From organising family gatherings to curating collage exhibitions, I have always been passionate about creating memorable events. Planning and designing events is my passion. The best events that I organized at the early stage of my career at the TCCF were the ‘First Wedding Expo 2010’ and ‘Style 2010’ events under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Sarra bint Hamad Al Sharqi. Hundreds of visitors flocked to the TCCF to witness the events. Throughout the year, I skillfully curated a series of exhibitions at the TCCF, showcasing the Club as a premier platform for entrepreneurs across various industries. These events provided a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their new products, services, latest collections, and labels to the most influential consumers in Fujairah and the East Coast.

Throughout my professional journey, I have had the opportunity to work in various roles, starting from Assistant Manager and eventually progressing to the position of Senior Marketing and Sales Manager at TCCF. However, my most recent endeavour has been focused on enhancing the club’s brand image and reputation through my contributions in the field of marketing and sales.

Throughout my tenure at the TCCF, my primary objective has been to enhance the Club’s brand recognition within the sports industry and boost sales by appealing to avid sports fans. I have dedicated three years to driving bottom-line growth and improving our overall reputation. In order to accomplish this objective, I have placed a strong emphasis on strategic public relations planning. Through effective communication, I have successfully cultivated a positive public perception of the TCCF, highlighting its profile, offerings, sports and cultural events, as well as leisure activities.

I believe I am deserving of the BeingShe Award 2022 due to my unwavering commitment, tireless efforts, and exceptional abilities in leading and managing teams within a traditionally male-dominated industry. I am proud to be one of the women who have reached the highest levels of management in a sports organisation, challenging the stereotype that women are incapable of leading in this field.


Here are some notable events that I successfully organised at TCCF in 2021 and 2022:

International Women’s Tennis Tournament, January 2021

Fujairah Squash Tournament, March 2021

o Ramadan Swimming Competition, April 2021

Art Exhibition, May 2021

Fujairah Squash Grand Prix, May 2021

Master Chef Competition, August 2021

Fashion Show, October 2021

ITF 6th West Asia Fujairah Cup, November 2021

Participated in the 12th Fujairah ITF Junior tournament in January 2022.

First Table Tennis Tournament, February 2022

Amber Ambrose Aurele Fashion Show/Workshop, scheduled for February 2022

UAE National Sports Day, March 2022

HCT Fujairah Women Padel Tennis Workshop, March 2022

Emirati Children’s Day, March 2022

Upcoming Swimming Competition in April 2022

Upcoming National Junior and Senior Squash Tournaments in May 2022


Received the International Women’s Day Award for my contributions to the Sharjah Ladies Club.

Recognised by Thumbay Hospital for Women Day for active participation and consistent support throughout the year’s activities.

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