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Meet brilliant women entrepreneur Irma Naz Khatri


I am Irma Naz Khatri, the manufacturer IRMA Herbals products. I strongly believe in nature since childhood. Questioning about everything was my habit, I frequently used to ask questions to my grand ma and my parents. Reading stories, informative books was also my hobby. Specially when I got books regarding benefits of fruits and vegetables. It felt like I found some treasure. My grand ma was a nurse and so she had many herbal totkas. So the conclusion here is that love with nature and herbs is inherited in my blood and it gradually increased along with medical studies, Reading Scientific Researches about herbs, Nutritional Values for human health, Nutrition’s found in herbs, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Quranic verses, Tibb-e-Nabwi, Ahadees about human health. The foods recognized in Quran and Ahadees make my vision more stronger and I learned that:

Nature Itself is the Best Physician

I started practicing to make Herbal Teas that gave nutritional balance and immunity to remain healthy and I got 100% results. It was 2011 when I started to take my own Herbal teas. At that time, my 8 years old daughter also started to take my herbal tea as she wanted to lose her extra weight and we got excellent results without any side effects. Effective results of taking herbal tea regularly, motivated me to introduce it in my family circle and surroundings to enjoy a healthy life and I got success, all of the people who took the Herbal tea started giving me positive feedbacks. After a long practice of 6 years I got full confidence that my Herbal Tea’s formulas work. It was the beginning of the year 2017 and now I had 3 lovely kids. Due to some financial constraints, In May 2017 I started to sell my products on my face book page named IRMA’S Herbal And Organic Products. Along with Herbal Teas I also started to research and study on hair problems and tried to solve these problems by improving the nutritional deficiencies. With my own herbal formulas, I prepared herbal oils and shampoos that are nutritional supplements for hair and scalp. The results of these products also got great appreciation and boosted my confidence level further.

In all this, I always got great support and appreciation from my Husband, Family, Friends & Community Members. Initially I sold my products without any labeling. In January 2018, one of my cousin sister prepared a label for my product. It was a very wonderful surprise for me as she designed an appealing logo for my products. Then I officially launched my products in Women OF Talent Carnival by K-AWAZ of our Kutchi Khatri Community in same year 2018 got an opportunity from SheEarns to showcase our products, Alhamdulillah got wonderful response.

In 2020, due to Covid we also suffered. As the things getting better in October 2021, I was in search of a platform that can further introduce me and my products to next level. During this we also started with our new logo, Rebranded with the name of IRMA Herbals pure as nature. All done by my brother in law Tahnoun Parwani. And luckily we got the platform The Crafter’s Guild. Participated in Indie Art and Craft Show. There we also launched our Paan Masala for the first time. It was the point from where I got my proper recognition throughout Pakistan as well started getting orders from foreign visitors. MaShaALLAH. From 2021 till now I had never missed TCG Events.

Very thankful to ALLAH for the success I got in these 2 years with true intentions, hard work & trust on Allah. Alhamdulillah He guides me better n I really feel I am created by Him for some specific purpose. Still trying to find out Purpose of my life.

Me and my husband Abdul Wahid Shaheen Khatri putting all our efforts to serve best. I make all Skin and Hair Care Herbal Products (For all ladies, gents & kids) with love n care after deep study n research on Herbs. All my Herbal Recipes are my own created after getting inspiration from Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Tibb-e-Nabwi, Quranic Studies & Nutritional Informations about 100+ Herbs.

All products contain pure Herb’s Extracts, derived by me. It’s my passion to prepare pure n authentic products that really bring worthful smile to our customers with best & exact results Alhamdulillah
I also prepare;
• Herbislim Fitness Tea
• Bones & Joints Health Powder
• Body Massage Oil
• Magisch Balm (to relief all Pains, Swellings & Cold symptoms)
Abdul Wahid prepare;
• Pan Masala (Mouth Freshener to improve digestion & gut health)

Really very thankful to Biz Today International for the opportunity to highlight my brand IRMA Herbals at Biz Today. It was a great pleasure to meet you at INDIE SUMMER POP and I am very humbled to introduce my brand to His Excellency, Herman Hardynata bin Ahmed, Consul General of Malaysia.

http://Fb.com/irmaherbals http://Instagram.com/irmaherbals https://esnaf.art/store/irma-herbals/

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