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Meet 11 years young entrepreneur Eshal Amir


My name is Eshal Aamir, and I am currently a seventh-grade student at the prestigious Habib Girls’ School. It is within the walls of this esteemed institution that my passion for jewelry craftsmanship was ignited. Fueled by an insatiable desire to express myself through wearable art and a profound love for creativity, I embarked on a path that would lead me into the intricate world of jewelry making. At the age of eleven, I took my first steps in this craft, and to my astonishment, I earned an impressive 10k MashAllah. This experience taught me that every passion holds inherent value.

In my quest to refine my skills, I delved into jewellery making course that explored the depths of different techniques, such as wire wrapping, beading, and metalwork. With each lesson, I uncovered new dimensions of this craft, and armed with this newfound knowledge, I set out to create distinctive pieces that not only reflected my personal style but also captivated the hearts of others.

Motivated by a genuine desire to share my creations with the world, I ventured into the realm of digital platforms and established an online presence through a page I named “Pearls.n.gems.” Leveraging the power of social media and e-commerce, I was able to showcase my jewelry to a global audience, connecting with like-minded individuals who shared a fervent appreciation for the beauty and allure of these exquisite adornments. Through this online space, I not only sold my creations but also fostered a sense of community among fellow jewelry enthusiasts, celebrating the artistry that unites us all.

Eshal Amir

The journey I embarked upon as a young entrepreneur has proven to be profoundly enriching. However, I must acknowledge the pivotal role that Habib Girls’ School has played in shaping my path. Initially enrolling in a jewelry making class with only a fleeting interest, I could never have anticipated the transformative impact it would have on my life. I am deeply grateful to my school for providing me with life-changing opportunities and invaluable experiences.

Within the esteemed halls of Habib Girls School, I had the privilege of encountering an exceptional teacher, Ms. Sara Fatima, the maven of Classic Jewelz. Under her guidance and unwavering support, a dormant passion within me was set ablaze. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to her for inspiring and motivating me on this incredible journey of jewelry making.

Furthermore, the unwavering support and invaluable feedback from jewelry enthusiasts have played an instrumental role in nurturing my growth. Their appreciation and admiration have ignited a profound passion within me, seamlessly merging the realms of artistry and digital connectivity in a harmonious symphony.

Today, I proudly stand as both a student and a young entrepreneur, filled with an immense sense of pride for the small business I have built. As the name “Pearls.n.gems” resonates across the digital landscape, it represents not only the ethereal beauty of the jewelry I create but also the harmonious community that has grown around it. I am grateful for the remarkable journey I am on, one that continues to unfold with each glittering gem and radiant pearl.

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