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Meet brilliant woman entrepreneur Shazia Imran Moten


I myself Shazia Imran Moten, belong to a Jatpur Memon Association. I am housewife and a proud mother of three beautiful children. I considered myself incredibly fortunate to have the unwavering support of my family, who stood by her side throughout my journey.

Driven by my passion for fashion and design, I embarked on an online business venture called S&I Collection. My business specialized in a wide range of products, including stylish bedsheets, trendy bags, and fashionable clothing. With my keen eye for aesthetics and dedication to quality, My brand quickly gained popularity.

However, My ambitions extended beyond my business. I believed in the power of community and the importance of giving back. As an Executive member of the women’s wing, I dedicated my time and efforts to making a difference in the lives of others. Helping those in need and supporting the underprivileged became her mission.

My dream was to create opportunities for people to thrive in society. Through my online business success, I had the means to support various charitable initiatives and provide assistance to those who required it the most.

While managing my business and contributing to the community, I pursued my education at Home Economics College in Karachi. I believed in constantly enhancing my skills and knowledge, which further strengthened my capabilities as a fashion designer. My creativity and talent shone through my designs, captivating the hearts of her customers.

In addition to my entrepreneurial and philanthropic pursuits, I had another talent – I was a home chef extraordinaire. My culinary skills delighted myfamily and friends, who marveled at my ability to create delicious and nourishing meals. My passion for cooking became yet another facet of my success story.

Today, my self Shazia Imran Moten is an inspiration to many. My unwavering determination, coupled with the love and support of my family, has allowed my dreams to become a reality. As I continues to make a mark in the world of fashion, education, and philanthropy, I leaves an indelible impression on all those who encounter me.

Remember, this success story is base on my dedication to my family, business, education, and helping others is truly commendable. Keep up the amazing work, and may my journey be filled with continued success and fulfillment in all your endeavors!

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