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Meet Ghazala Israr, the co-founder of DK BBQ Grill


I am Ghazala Israr, the co-founder of DK BBQ Grill. Back in the year 2020 Covid 19 brought along a lot of hardships and difficulties along with it for many and were no exception. My husband lost his job as a result of Covid 19 like many others and we were burning through are savings. My husband and myself were always passionate about cooking and serving great food to people and we were always cooking for friends and family, hence, if we ever resorted to starting a business, it would’ve been in the food industry. We started to look for places to open a restaurant back in July 2020 at the peak of Covid lockdowns and since we had nothing left to invest, the only place we could afford was a small room with ample open space located in a local village near Bahria Town Karachi.

With one barbeque grill, one table and with a lot of passion to serve great food; we opened our very own DK Grill. People started coming in from the day one and in no time, we were a runaway success. A year went by and our ‘local’ restaurant was slowly turning into a brand when it came to good quality food. With our increasing customers, our confidence too grew along with it. We eventually reached out to Bahria Town Karachi in hopes of finding a new location and to our surprise, Bahria Town Karachi offered us a location at one of the most iconic spots, The Bahria Dancing Fountain located in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi. DK Grill being a female led venture, attracted tremendous support, enthusiasm and assistance from Bahria Town and they made sure that we got all the support needed to start out business once again from scratch and for that we couldn’t thank Bahria Town enough!

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