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Ramadan 2023 Price Cuts: Union Coop Announces Discount on 10,000 Products


Dubai based retailer, Union Coop announced the launch of its discount campaign with price reduction on more than 10,000 basic food and nonfood products during the holy month of Ramadan, to launch economic initiatives with economic and social returns within the market of the Emirate of Dubai in particular and the market of the UAE in general, and with the aim of stimulating all competitors in the emirate and the country to compete in reducing the prices of these products, which will have a positive impact on the consumer in this blessed month.

This came during the annual press conference organized by Union Coop to announce its preparations for the blessed month of Ramadan, in the presence of the Managing Director Eng. Abdulla Mohammad Rafie Al Dallal along with several Division and Department Directors, Managers and employees of the Union Coop, and media representative.

Managing Director Eng. Abdulla Mohammad Rafie Al Dallal

The Managing Director of Union Coop said: “We are pleased to launch our Ramadan promotional campaign for the year 2023, which will include discounts on a large number of basic and most consumed items by the public, whether food or non-food products. These offers and discounts will be launched in all branches and on its Online Store and Smart App periodically during the Ramadan campaign, all commodities, including food and beverages, electronics and household appliances, are included to meet the increasing demand throughout the month of Ramadan.”

The MD continued that the retail sector in the UAE is witnessing a steady growth, which is evident with the present level of competition in the retail market, in the form of promotional campaigns launched by different outlets for the benefit of the consumers. He further highlighted that the Cooperative’s Ramadan Campaign targets all societal groups and takes into account cultural diversities and provides them commodities at reasonable prices based on their respective diverse budgets through discounts of up to 75% on essential products. Union Coop plays a significant and influential role in regulating the prices, especially during the holy month with the help of competitive promotions and discount campaigns.

He added that the campaign will be available in all branches and commercial centers belonging to the cooperative and spread throughout the Emirate of Dubai, noting that these campaigns were launched from 24th of February and will continue till the end of the blessed month, i.e. for 60 days, with different and distinct offers and discounts, as it is in line with the basic objectives of the cooperative represented in creating a distinct consumer market through its prices, services and quality compared to the surrounding areas.

And he indicated that this campaign is distinguished as it includes 7 promotional campaigns in which the percentages of discounts range between 60% to 75%, pointing out that the cooperative will be keen to provide the goods included in the offers in large quantities, with high quality and competitive prices, as the promotions include food and basic consumer goods, including rice, meat, poultry, canned food, fruits and vegetables, special Ramadan products and other products and other goods.

He stressed that all these discounts in the Union Coop will not affect the quality standards and specifications of the products and commodities covered in the campaign, as the cooperative considers that one of its most important pillars is not compromising the quality against price or discounted prices.

He added that the cooperative will provide the delivery feature for purchases and orders made through its Smart Online Store (App) and the Web-store per the procedures and requirements it follows to deliver orders, to provide all means of convenience for shoppers, provide them with a unique shopping experience and enjoy shopping at any time they deem fit and as a plan to reduce congestion during the holy month of Ramadan.

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