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6th Sindh literature Festival 2023 kicks off with full swing at Arts Council


6th Sindh Literature Festival was inaugurated at Arts Council Karachi with the joint cooperation of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and Sindh Literary Foundation. The festival was inaugurated by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah. President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Provincial Minister for Culture and Education Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Noor ul Huda Shah, Mushahid Hussain Syed, Faqir uddin Ejaz Shah, Shams ul Haq Memon, Saleem Safi and Ejaz Turk participated in the festival. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said that the name of Sindh Literature Festival should have been Sindh Literary Festival. Sindh is the land of Sufis.

There should be literary programs, it increases the respect of humanity, He said that research, literature, music and reasoning are the weapons of any society by which the society moves forward, in our society we move forward a few steps, then some such things and events happen, due to which we fall behind. “Change”, it is about our life and death, we have to save nature and its basis, we have to change, we have to make new curriculum about trees, water and animals, he added. 50% of the population of the society i.e. our women, mothers, sisters, all are imprisoned in their homes, let’s find opportunities for them together and the women of Sindh.

Do some important work to change the hellish life of Sindh. Sindh has a population of more than seven crores. Sardar Shah while addressing said that some forces try to stop such a festival, they will respond to the blasts with a bang, the message of Sindh is love and peace, no differences with anyone on the basis of language and nationality. There is a difference of opinion, he said that people from different provinces have come to the festival who have brought a message of love, extremism in the subcontinent has been fought by cultural institutions, writers and the poor, when the explosion occurred at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar “Dhamal” started after a while. , it has been proved that we will answer the bomb with Dhamaal and the explosion with Poetry, we have as much love for Bhulay Shah and Khushal Khattak as for Bhatai and Sachal Sarmasrat.

President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that we left Sindh and went to Lahore to promote our culture. Lahore welcomed us with open arms. Sidnh  always leads Pakistan, when the time comes to save Pakistan, we say Pakistan Khape. Some voices also rose from Sindh, Pakistan has been divided into pieces, he said that culture is our biggest weapon, Punjabis accepted this message, there are many difficulties, under the leadership of Murad Ali Shah, we went to Gilgit too. We will put an end to the hatred, we will have to bind all the people living in Pakistan in a chain, the rights of Sindhis and Saraikis should be fought for, if there is a slogan to break Pakistan, we will fight against it. Shams ul Haq Memon said that under the plate form of Sindh Endowment Fund thirty books from the British period were republished, climate change is the theme of the festival this time, the journey of climate change has been going on for years, glaciers melting prematurely. Let’s start, the rainy and farming seasons have changed, we have to take our decisions keeping in mind the climate change.

Mushahid Hussain Syed said that this Sindh Literature Festival connects people together. The resistance has started from Sindh. MRD movement was the resistance movement of Sindh, Sindh has an important role in politics not only culture, I am not the majority of the Sindhis, the hospitality of the Sindhis is something to be proud of. Well-known writer Noor ul Huda Shah expressed his opinion and said that we have discussed the census with the Chief Minister, we did not ask the Chief Minister for a job, we asked for money, we asked Lahore. I have gone and talked about Sindh, I have talked about Sindh, Arts Council talks about sindh in the world. Naseer Memon said that six to seven months ago we have gone through the worst tragedy, after the flood two million more people became poor in Sindh, a new life has to start from the ruins of Sindh.

Naseer Gopang said that friends are opposing for no reason, we can learn from literary fairs, Sindh Literature Festival is in its sixth year, government patronage is essential for literary fairs, Chief Minister of Sindh and other guests are welcome. Faqir Ejaz uddin said that I wish to speak in Sindhi, languages should be handed over to the provinces after the 18th Amendment, the conditions that existed in Sindh fifty years ago are still the same today, if we do not take pride in our national culture. So it will end, MD Sindh Education Foundation Qazi Kabir said that Sindh Education Foundation is educating nine lakh children, our children are studying in other provinces, our old writers were connected with educational institutions.

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