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Meet Professional Chef Sara Farhan


I’m Sara Farhan a housewife due to early marriage at an early age I was unable to continue and completed my education further after marriage my life took a U turn and changed all the way I had so many responsibilities at home but fortunately I was blessed with very cooperative Inlaws so they taught me everything from scratch like how to manage things and responsibilities at home such as cooking etc By the time I became a responsible person and expert in cooking. But had one regret in my life that I didn’t have much education and confidence as compared to my younger siblings. I didn’t even have my own identity.

I had a dream to be a doctor but unfortunately I couldn’t get my education. One lucky day I asked my husband that can I continue my education? and he answered me back in a positive way that you must continue your education then I successfully completed my intermediate and graduation.

After that I realized doing a new task to keep myself busy and to start business so i made a mark of my brand as “Sara’s Collection” through that mark every one can buy their basic garments products.

When the economy was growing and businesses were flourishing a sudden halt of business activities was experienced by the world due to COVID-19 every one was stuck at home and the life of a common man was badly affected .Then I decided to use my cooking skills and started an online food service through that mark ” Sara’s Collection” and provided home food items. Although this business was running quite well, I felt I needed to add some value to my work so I completed my diploma in cooking now I m professional chef.

Initially it was not an easy work to do and I faced so many hurdles during all this but unconditional support from my husband gave me courage to become a celebrity chef, as an event host, as a public speaker and an owner of the “Little Treats” this brand is responsible to cater all the baking needs of our valued customer including Cakes, Pastries, Brownies, Desserts and other baking food items I got this promotion from some platforms and I’m very grateful for those who contributed in my success throughout the time INSHA ALLAH in future you will see me on a big T.V channels as a celebrity chef or a host. I believe that ALLAH Subhana Hu TA’ALA gives reward to those who work hard. So, now I can proudly say I am the owner of LITTLE TREATS yes I’ am an enterpreneur and a business woman. Yes I’m a professional chef and yes I’m a successful woman.. Yes I’m.

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