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The success story of Huma Khan


This is Huma Khan from Karachi. I am an ACCA, during my ACCA, I started an internship at IBL healthcare. I was offered a permanent job but I didn’t take it at that time because I wanted to focus more on my studies and complete my ACCA.

During my ACCA, I also formed VCARE, an organization to empower youth and bring awareness to them about various social issues by helping out the differently abled children and the orphans in our society.

Right after the completion, I was offered a job at Systems Limited and there I got to know about technology and what a fine career it is when you combine, finance, and business with technology… I got to see a whole new world out there which was inspiring. I then didn’t take any offers from audits because the technology was a thing I wanted to keep my focus on!

I was then hired by one of the renowned firms in their technology consulting department….. I worked there for about 7.5 years and progressed there a lot… I managed to lead one of the biggest and most successful implementations there. Being a woman it has always been a challenge to get acceptance from the team which had 80:20 men and women respectively. You get a lot of backlash and leg pulling when you are the only woman in your section to be in a managerial position but with the support of my amazing bosses, I was able to excel and reach my goals…

Based on my experiences and passion, I then formed bookmyspot which is a beauty tech startup. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I hadn’t been working in business and technology consulting because that’s where I got the vision for it.

And now it’s progressing and growing … To those who don’t know about it,

BookMySpot is an on-demand salon appointment booking app where a customer can book an appointment at a click of a button without making a call to the salon…

It started when I was repeatedly facing a similar problem.. that if I had to book an appointment with a salon, with my workload it used to at times get hard for me to book an appointment during the day and the salon would then close at night with me losing out an appointment for an important event… So I thought with so many important online businesses like career, foodpanda why there shouldn’t be one for the beauty industry that’s where I started working on it and with the amazing support of the mentors and startup community, I was able to execute it …..

Other than work, I have a passion to explore the world… I want to visit every country, see the culture, meet its people, try out their cuisine and see life from their perspective. By now I have managed to visit KSA, Italy, Switzerland, Prague, Paris, and Dubai and waiting to explore more.

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