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Paradigm Shift in Okhai Memon Jamat


By Rafiq Vayani

In 2022 The Okhai Memon Jamat appeared as most functioning and active organization and It has been clearly noticed that OMJ is doing lot of activities unlike to conventional way just to entertain people who knock your doors. OMJ campaigned eCommerce and Online business sessions for community ladies and gents and encourage them to learn and adopt this future model.

First time OMJ did segmentation in their community and schedule activities for every age group people through their social welfare committee whether they are young, old, boys, girls, house wife, mother, sister or social workers.

In last 8 months around 30+ different programs initiated including training, fun, entertainment, sports, learning, education and development which were attended by large number of audiences.

There are lot of other big projects are schedule in coming days. President Aziz Ahmed Kath vision is to set community direction on right path and he made one of the best team which is mix of young, professionals, experienced, donors and active area representatives.

Next mega event is planned on 14th August for Community Mothers and first time in the history formal registration of ladies is done and membership cards will be issued to them. As per Mr. Abdul Rasheed Ganatra (Vice President) we cannot progress well until we have diversified team from every segment of community. Our target in phase 1 is to engage and provide healthy platform to our mothers and in coming days we will utilize their potential for community long suffering issues.

Abdul Sattar Jakhura (General Secretary) underlined that world is changing rapidly and at OMJ we are trying to adopt good changes for better future of our new generation.

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