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Meet brilliant HomeChef Urooj Saeed


My name is Urooj Saeed. Done Bachelor’s In commerce, I’m a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, a Mother of 3, with these, I’m a HomeChef too, who is the Owner of Homemade Wholesome.

My story starts with Passion and Hobby, where I had an Idea to work on my hobby and support my family and my husband since it’s never easy to earn for a family single-handedly.

It started as a small Homebased Business where Authentic Fudgy Brownies were made. I started baking these Brownies, but at the beginning, like every other business, I had my fears on which I worked continuously. My family was my only support back then since nobody knew what Homemade Wholesome was. I named my Business Homemade Wholesome to clarify that it will grow and bring in many other homemade products, too, not just the Brownies. All I had was, firstly, My Faith in Almighty Allah and secondly, my belief in myself and my family’s support.

It’s very challenging to evolve as a significant business, especially when you’re a woman, and you start from scratch, and there’s a very Tough ongoing Market Competition. But with the firm support of my family, I kept working on it.

What has always kept Homemade Wholesome Unique and Significant is that I always have focused on Good Portion Size, hygiene, and ng Good Quality, Imported Premium Chocolates and other Products for this venture. The product that we started with were Authentic Fudge Brownies, Made of Imported Premium Chocolates and not made of Cocoa Powder. When I started, nobody knew what Authentic Brownies tasted like. All they knew were Cakes cut into pieces, called Brownies. I introduced these Authentic Fudgy Brownies, and to date, when we are 8+ years old, I still get these messages that I bake the Only authentic Fudgy Brownies in Karachi, which is an honour for me.

With time, I extended our Product Line, looking at the people’s interest. Introduced Gooey and Soft Cookies, Cinnamon Rolls, Profiteroles, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Granola Mix, Granola Cookies, and we try adding things. For our Clients and Customers, we try to bring in new stuff, so they do not get bored and for Homemade Wholesome to grow.

I have been working for more than eight years, and I have regular Customers and people who contact and order daily because they have heard of us a lot. I worked for two years on our website and got it made from a Web Developer; now, Homemade Wholesome is grown and growing, and we are also operating through our website.

We are only Karachi based but what I’m so Proud of is that people take our boxes with them to not only different cities in Pakistan but also different countries with them when they have their flights. Our customers are not just customers, but we are a family; homemade wholesome has given them a powerful bond, which makes me even more vital.

Homemade Wholesome is now widely known, mainly for Brownies but also for Cinnamon Rolls, NYC Style Cookies, Lactation/Granola Cookies, Granola Mix, Peanut, and Almond Butter.

I hope we grow even more in the coming years too. A big thank you to everyone who has been a big help in increasing my Little Business into as big as it is today.

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