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Madame Curie Beads, homegrown and handmade with love


Madame Curie Beads is a woman-owned small business derived from a passion of collecting beads from travels. What started as an answer to a simple need of not having to hold your phone at a wedding, became the very core product of this business. Madame Curie Beads is now aiming to take the United Arab Emirates by storm with its multi-functional handcrafted bead works.

What sets them apart, is that it wasn’t started just by a woman. It was started by a woman who decided that at the age of 60, she had so much more to offer.

With each bead made to order and hand sourced by home grown artisans from around the world, every contemporary piece has its own unique story to tell. From semi-precious stones, crystals, and even hand-painted beads- the sky’s the limit with the brand’s bespoke collections in the region. 

Founder and Creator, Rashmi Lakhwani in her own iconic sentiment says, “Your accessory list just got bigger, no one carries a purse anymore and it’s time to glam it up.”

Led by three bold and daring women, Madame Curie Beads seek to redefine the tradition of handmade accessories in the UAE. With an emphasis on empowering both women and men to express their identity, their work not only stands as a bridge between functionality and creativity, but also as a cult-favorite amongst international audiences. The trio continue to mark their progress with fan favorites across the MENA region and other South-Asian countries.

Interviews with Madame Curie Beads are now open for appointment and orders can be placed via Instagram only.

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