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Meet brilliant Blogger for Animal Rights Hena Osman


My name is Hena Osman, Founder of Hena’s Blog For Paws. I am an Animal Activist, Blogger for Animal Rights and an Animal Whisperer from Karachi. 

My journey of becoming an Animal Enthusiast began when I was 14 years old. That was the first time when my parents got us a cute English Dog from a lady who was fostering her. My mother has been an animal enthusiast and it’s because of her will we had our first dog in the family and then it went on and on. I have an experience of 20+ years, that I have had beautiful Breeds of Dogs as in German Shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, South African Boerboel. My mother told us (siblings) that to keep a Pet is a lifetime responsibility and they are not a toy to play with, but they are just like us, as they share the same emotions, sentiments and expressions. She told us that we have to be careful while treating the puppies as whenever we had a new dog, we always got them as a puppy so we could train them and get along well.

With the passage of time, I realised that there are so many street animals and they are not treated well, either they end up in a hit and run case or are bullied by children or either mistreated, because I was well associated with my Pets that it lead me to Create Awareness towards the Rights of the Animals on this land. I used to think a lot on this and during those days, talking about Animal Rights used to be considered as a joke. When I use to write about Animals and their rights, our people use to make either fun or use to ignore as if for them the animals are just an object. It took me a while, I then started writing on International Various Platforms Spreading Awareness for Animal Rights. I started to follow PETA (they support veganism), Then I joined PACT (Pakistan Animal Care Trust) as a member of the team I use to write various Articles for Animal Rights. With time I could see that nothing was actually making an impact on the people. I wanted to create an impact on people so that their mind-set of considering Animals as object could change. I then started my own Blog by the name Hena’s Blog For Paws (www.henablogforpaws.com), I made my own FaceBook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/166570307602504/?ref=share, I was already on Instagram, so I created specific profile by the same name on Instagram. I also have a TikTok profile where I have been giving online sessions towards the Ethics of Humans towards Animals. I wrote plenty of articles on Animals and their rights and their treatment in our society and how should we coupe up with the fact to understand that these Animals just don’t end up on streets by themselves, they are either abandoned, left alone by their owners or dumped on the street.

With a passage of time, Alhumdulillah my Articles were liked by International Bloggers and that got me awarded with 3 major WordPress Blogger Awards of Ideal Inspirational Blogger, Sunshine Blogger Award and Mystery Blogger Award. These awards were the first victory to my direction, that I was being heard. 

Then in the year 2021, I was awarded by FaceBook as The Most ImpactFul Lady on Women’s Day, I was able to build a strong community and make an impact on the Facebook Community and Group Members. 

In 2021; I got my brand endorsement for my Cats by Target Pet Food. This year as we talk, I have another brand endorsement by Flick Pet Products. 

In the end I would only say that whatever I am today it’s all because of Allah’s blessings, my parents prayers and family support and ofcourse by the special prayers of the Animals that knowingly and unknowingly I have helped. I don’t even remember the count of Cats and Dogs that I feed in my daily basis and it is because of the Will of Allah Tallah that I am able to feed them. 

Alas “Whatever Good You Put Out In The World, Would Find It’s Way Coming Back At You” 

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