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Karachi Editors Club hosts an interactive session on economy with Mirza Shahnawaz Agha


The consensus  nominee of the business community ‘Mirza Shahnawaz Agha’ (YouTube access), while supporting the voice the business community’s demand for a paradigm shift of the economy from colonial dependency to real independence consequently has raised some basic points as a demand on behalf of the business community of Pakistan in general and that of Karachi in particular.

He was addressing with “An interactive session on Pak economy” jointly arranged by Karachi Editors Club and Live Rostrum News Agency, at a local hotel, here Friday.

He said these demands are meant to instantly mitigate price hikes of essential commodities and enable debt servicing with a clear road map. Towards spelling out their demands to save the economy of the motherland Pakistan he said that the business community as Employers must put all State Institutions on call to stop politicizing the economy for the benefit of Colonial subservience.

He opined that the economy is neither crashing nor can we go into default if we stop instantly looking outward for fiscal crutches. We need to look inward and ‘Revert to our ideology’ as our legal and course forward. He rebuffed the politicians and the State Institutions on the count of imposing the colonial agenda on the Pakistani people. He also declared that family-based political leadership is a cancer terminally killing merit, investments and democracy in the country.

Shahnawaz said the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Democracy’ are the smoke screens behind which sits institutional corruption. In the same breadth, he said, the people cannot be used as a sponge to support corrupt institutional hegemony. He felt that the decision making is devoid of public consensus and is opposed to our founding ideology.

Mirza Shahnawaz said that 82% of the budget is being spent on the Judiciary, Army, Civil Bureaucracy and the Parliament that make up for only 2.6 million people or 1.2% of the population, whilst 18% is on the table for 222 million people. This is the evidence of the insanity being challenged.

The tax-paying population, he added, wants straight answers on the way forward or a change of their employees, the Public Servants. He said the Private Sector demands that the bureaucratic hold on the economy has to be freed in its entirety. 

He lamented that the economy has been robbed for its essence of ‘value exchange mechanism’ by continued colonial subservience on the alien printed paper. The current debt is not a crisis as is politically being portrayed. The bureaucrats etal are choosing politicians as national leaders and the politicians are selecting bureaucrats making a club of 2.6 million people to usurp the toil and labor of 222 million people.

He indicated that (by virtue of direct and indirect taxes levied on the behest of Donors) the entire population is the Employers of the State Institutions and they have now decided to set the order right. Towards reforms he demanded that the independence of the institutions free of political bias is the country’s savior as a basic measure.

Shahnawaz sought the linkage of the Pakistan Rupee to gold instantly to finish the brunt of price hikes of essential commodities and those imported. In tandem he sought the freeing of the import and export of gold free of duty and allowing the black economy to get back integrated into the formal economy. Towards social reforms, in aid of the economy, he said that land management is at the root of reshaping the socio-economic and political canvas in consonance with our founding ideology.

He said a Corporate Pakistan is sought by the tax-paying population of Pakistan through the business community. Towards settlements of alien debt, future industrialisation and the fiscal empowerment of the people he has tendered a demand of 100% Urbanization at the front end of material technology.

He proposed that 3400 population pockets covering the entire population of Pakistan should be listed as Municipal Companies on our Stock Exchange to decentralize fiscal management of the State and create an avenue for investment for the population.

Balance of trade and the import bill must be made henceforth in gold to be in compliant with our founding ideology. The writ of the tax-payers is to make all State Institutions accountable open to public audit and on course of remaining within the permissible limits of our founding ideology. 

He called upon the legislative platforms to take up all the demands towards urbanization and the linkage of the Rupee to gold as an essential requirement of our Constitution and our founding Ideology. This roadmap he declared is at the root of Pakistan’s socio-economic destination. He said adding that land revenue should determine governmental expenses keeping the budget free from deficits and taxes that support production forever. 

Shahnawaz suggested that all land owned and used by anyone or any State Institution must pay for it. This will help evolve the society and will make Institutions globally competitive. Land revenue should determine governmental expenses keeping the budget free from deficits forever.

Shahnawaz emphasised that Muslim countries are our Commonwealth and not Europe or U.S. on the West and India on the East.

Shahnawaz Agha told newsmen that Pakistan’s socio-economic destination and road map is linked to our reverting to our founding ideology while one Institution of the State cannot be referred to as “The Establishment” calling the shots on the destination this country has to take.

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