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Biz Today International hosts Food Summit 2022 powered by Perfecto Sauces


Biz Today International hosted 2nd Edition of International Food Summit 2022 with the theme of “Food Means Business” powered by Perfecto Sauces on Wednesday, 18th May 2022 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi. The Summit is the second and finest of its kind for gathering ideas, insights and valuable dialogues.

Shaikh Imtiaz Hussain

Biz Today International Food Summit 2022 aims to create opportunities for businesses and for individuals to make collaborations, find new opportunities and explore areas of expansion in their area of expertise. This was possible because of the master efforts by Biz Today International, which is the World’s pre-eminent 24-hour English language online news portal that extensively covers business, economics, technology and finance to travel, fashion and lifestyle. Biz Today International brings you real-time information and gives you access to influential, powerful and affluent audiences around the world.

The event started smoothly with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Muhammad Ammar and a warm welcoming by Ayesha Wajid, admin of Homemade Food Services -an online non profitable organization to promote home chefs and bakers. She is also a CEO at Snax Time a home-based frozen food business.

Shaikh Imtiaz Hussain

The keynote speaker Ms. Kiran Noorulain, was invited.  Kiran, Founder & CEO-The FoodSTEAM has successfully captured two gold medals in food and beverages diploma and earned the silver medal. She has been a Practical Food and Nutrition Examiner at The British Council. Beyond, her achievements Kiran has also played a role in the publication of the Book on the merge of Culinary and Food and Nutrition. Some of her certifications include appreciation for spreading the culinary awareness program in schools. Awarded as Women of Wonders 2021 for the category of Food and Hospitality, Winner of The Award for the Food and Nutrition Category at Global Food Summit and Chef Award 2021 Presented by Australian Multicultural Charity Organization.

Kiran Noorulain

Ms. Kiran highlighted the influence of technology on eating habits and its advantages in the growing industry.  She explained the difference between convenience food and the processes involved in the production of packed foods. She emphasised the selection of best choices concerning hygiene and safe food labelling.

Ms. Fatima Hassan was invited as a guest speaker to address the distinguished audience.  Fatima, a qualified, professional Nutritionist, has an M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition, holding an MBA degree as well from the University of Karachi. She has worked in this field in a variety of different settings ranging from hospitals to multinational institutions and freelance platforms with extensive experience. Fatima’s Professional background covers her work as a Clinical Nutrition at Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases, Aga Khan University Hospital, Abbott Laboratories and Nestle. As a freelancer, works for diet management and consultation. Moreover, she’s a food science educator, and therapeutic diet consultant and has delivered several public health awareness sessions. Her grounds have always been solicitous for the integration of a balanced diet with a modern lifestyle.

Fatima Hassan

She presented her dialogues on the Future of the Fast Food Industry and its impact on health. She discussed home-based businesses, the quality of food products,  the cost-effectiveness and the variety that lead to the growth of the business.  She also revealed that the improper selection of food is hurting our health and well-being. The best possible advice would be to get the information from the ingredients and labels on the food products and wisely choose the food to stay healthy.

The next guest speaker, Rana Awais Khan is a food scientist by profession. He is a Chairman of the National Alliance for Safe Food, CEO of Global Halal Services and CEO at CEFHA, CEO of Global Standard Services. He profoundly explained the hygiene standards and the issues in which the food industry of Pakistan needs to improve to cope with the international food standards. He highlighted Halal food and its future advantages in the food industry.

Rana Awais Khan

Chef Ambreen John from Movenpick Hotel, Karachi shared her experience with food packaging and mode of delivery to the customer.  The guest of honor was Shakil Jafri, COO Port Grand, Karachi who entertained the audience with his poetry and prose and enlightened the environment with his deep thoughts.  

The Chief Guest of the event Shaikh Imtiaz Hussain is a highly motivated, passionate, and an inspirational entrepreneur managing diversified businesses such as agri-food processing, imports, exports, cold storage, warehouse solutions & services for the industries, as well as medical equipment & medicines business, construction and fashion industry and lastly as philanthropist contributing & serving to the social sector for humanitarian causes.

Chef Ambreen John

His prolific leadership has been acknowledged with many distinguished national and international awards. His broader vision is to get Pakistan to the new horizons of success and prosperity in the world. He has shown up as an effective Leader with International training experience, well-developed professional skills and excellent multitasking abilities. He is certainly an accomplished entrepreneur capable of identifying new opportunities and sustaining extraordinary business growth.

Mr Imtiaz shared his views with the audience and the solutions to some of the issues in the food business. He shared the reality of balancing food production with regional and climatic conditions, the import of Pakistan and the preventive measures, the export produce of Pakistan and quality assurance procedures,  affordable foods with families role-play, and the stable food supplies with fair and open trade.

Vote of thanks by Ayesha Fayyaz, Director, Biz Today International. Yummilicious souvenirs with the token of thanks and goodwill by Sweet Treats by Shireen, best gifts in Pakistan, USA, UAE and Canada and Sweet Castle by Saira Rafiq.

The generous poetic host Ms. Shazleen Vahidy Iqbal along with the team members Mehreen Mushtaq and Sarah Khurram, Kamran Hashim, syed Muhammad Amin, Javed Iqbal and Noman Nizami paid attention to every point of the event and made it flawless.

News article courtesy by Nutritionist Fatima Hassan from The FoodSTEAM

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