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Meet brilliant sisters Alishba Motiwala and Tahira Atique, founder of Motiwala’s Cuisine


A mind-blowing slogan, Motiwala’s Cuisine, a superb name in the home made food. The world class food covers all kind of food categories including: Pakistani Traditional Desi food items, Bar-be-Q items, continental food, frozen food items, and various kinds of snacks as well as desserts.

For the last three years, I, Alishba Motiwala and my sister, Tahira Atique, meeting the craving hunger of home food lovers. Our home food delivery services is progressing by leaps and bounds. Initially both of us started cooking on individual basis for a year. Then after successful attempts, our orders mushrooming day by day, we started a healthy partnership to cope the increasing demand of our happy and satisfied customers. As it is rightly said that “Unity is Strength”. There is no doubt that everyone likes to eat healthy meals so we selected this task as our keen profession.

Tahira Atique

The start of this small business is not just accidental but it is backed up by a planned strategy along with the moral support of my family members and of course my sincere friends who also infuses sense of hope to recover from all the darkness of life.  This is what the reason to start the business, definitely to fight the financial constraints of life. Secondly, both of us are passionate of cooking as our mother is also the best cook and she trained us accordingly. So, this young age training provides the realistic and practical pitch and also assists us hiking up in the sky and make our all real life dreams true.

To bring home the bacon, is not the bed of roses. It is tiring, time consuming and requires much patience. It is just like comparing the feeling that how one feels when we are waiting for water or milk to boil in a pot, it seems like it will never come to a boil. Similarly, our work also demanded much patience from both of us. The joint partnership of Alishba/Tahira and our day-night hardships facilitate and strengthen us to stand ourselves in the line of renowned home food service providers.  We lit the mid night oil to achieve our targets and cater the needs of our customers.

The provoking thought transferred in the society and our fame spread far and wide around our valuable customers. The familiarity goes on and on in air through word of mouth building a chain of satisfied customers.

A “drastic Twist” tookplace when we join a community “Join Hands with N & H” leaded by the two great and talented ladies, Nighat Mehmood and Hira Anis. They further polished our confidence level and pushed us “up and up”. I become speechless and words fail to express my feelings of happiness and joy. They just not introduce us in different exhibitions with different food stalls and organized food festivals to show our hidden potentials but also geared up our popularity in the society through various TV channels and morning shows.

We are thankful to them from the core of our hearts who makes possible for us to move in the society with heads up, Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless these social workers with His numerous bounties, health, wealth and respect! Aameen.

 We are living in a consumer society which reflect current food trends and interests. So, it strengthen us to cope with the basic needs of hunger and gather much appreciation in such a competitive market. The satisfactory feedback from them pop-up our triumphs. Food is just more than it costs. An appetizing mouth-watering food can bring new customers and keep them coming back. Similarly, the meal provided by Motiwala’s cuisine insist the customers to place order again and again due to its high standard quality and hygienic food.

Motiwala’s cuisine not just offer a proper balance of unique dishes but the old favorites also which are liked by all age group people. It also has the right food cost to maintain profits and can be easily prepared and reproduced in the kitchen during a busy dinner rush. Creating a menu can be over whelming.

Knowing the correct food cost for food items is essential for a profitable menu. How much we pay for food will determine how much we need to charge for it. It may seem like you are charging a lot more than necessary, but it must be kept in mind that you are not just paying for the food itself. You are paying someone to prepare the food, serving with attractive presentation which is also consuming much money. Besides, food is packed in air-tight disposable containers to maintain the freshness which also mean a lot.

We plan first of all that what we are capable of producing in our kitchen. Then, by the grace of Almighty Allah, we realized the fact that there is not a single item left which we cannot make. We are expert in making every item such as Alfredo Cone, Dum Kabab, Khausay,  Singaporean Rice, Gur Papri, Uradiya, etc and uncountable delicious dishes.

We are optimistic by being the entrepreneur and owner of Motiwala’s Cuisine that we can reach the zenith, sparkling and twinkling as the shining star on the vast sky in collaboration of graceful group “Join Hands with N & H” that encourages a lot along with the full co-operation and prayers of my parents.

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