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Chughtai Healthcare conducted Awareness Session in collaboration with MWP


By Mehreen Mushtaq Kazi

Chughtai Healthcare had conducted Awareness Session on “Mental health Matters” with amazing theme i.e. “Let’s cure the unseen enemy”.

Chughtai Lab and Healthcare has been providing quality diagnostic services in Pakistan since 1983. It’s been 37 years they operates 24/7 with timely results and accurate diagnosis. Besides that Chugtai Foundation is striving to serve the nation by taking on innovates in health care, education and other sectors (in plan) of Pakistan. They aim to empower communities to bring positive change in society. This session is another contribution to society for free.
I got a friendly invite by the MWP core team for coverage. Mango Women Pakistan (MWP) is a buy and sell group, founded by Jawariya Fahim with a slogan, “WE WORK TOGETHER WE GROW TOGETHER”. She has five pillars that are the core team. Jawariya, Huma, Fatima, Monaza and Sana. Team MWP is working hard to elevate this organization with honesty and devotion by helping working women to cope up in this business environment. MWP is gradually growing by adding more satisfied members. Members are growing their business and are happy to be part of MWP.

Chugtai Health care chose Ms. Kulsoom Haider as a guest speaker. It was indeed a superior choice as she is a well reputed, highly educated, certified psychiatrist. She developed many unique procedures to cure her patience and has a large number of successful cases including children and adolescents. She is an MBBS (Army medical college), MCPS Psychiatry (JPMC).  

I appreciate Chugtai lab for bringing up such a versatile doctor as the speaker, who believes in holistic healing. A holistic approach to mental health looks at the whole person by addressing their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Being an energy healer and mind power expert I can  well understand affirmations and manifestation law.  

She believes mindfulness meditation is better than medication. Mindfulness is basically a state of mind to be in the present and fully aware of yourself without interruption and judgment. This practice relaxes the body and mind and helps reduce stress.

She further shed light on the importance of positive mental health, that means you are able to achieve what you dreamed of, like what you decide you achieve is positive mental health, by overcoming obstacles with the help of self-potential and intention.

She added that according to WHO, “mental health is an optimal state of wellbeing”. Mental health promotion involves actions that improve psychological well-being. This may involve creating an environment that supports mental health and having the ability to cope with and ‘bounce back’ from stress and sadness.

She further suggested to change thinking patterns with the help of affirmation cards and in order to process negative emotions, we must forgive people who cause us pain and negative experiences as negative memories are easy to remember and recall as compared to positive and happy moments. She suggested that we all must prepare a gratitude journal to realize goodness in life and being thankful put positive impact on our life.

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