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Meet two brilliant entrepreneurs Misbah and Hiba


Catch.a.bite is an online food venture started by two entrepreneurs Misbah and Hiba. Amidst all the Covid chaos and mayhem when the world was at a halt and there was nothing to do, we two sisters decided to try our fate and start this online food business with the pure intention of killing some time which soon became our greatest passion.

Initially, we faced a lot of hurdles just like any other business but we didn’t give up and chose to stay strong. We had our fair share of setbacks where we just wondered to call it off. There were days where we were depressed and sometimes months passed by and we didn’t get a single order. We tried everything that we could, from online promotions to physically promoting our product and brand to sending various PR’s just for the mere purpose of publicity.

We even hired an advertising agency to build an image of our brand but at that time it seemed that all our efforts were going in vain. But as everyone says that everything happens at it’s prescribed time so was the case with us. After a lot of struggle people began to recognise our brand. We began to get orders at a slow pace gradually. However, we were still strong and determined. Soon our brand was recognised more and now our signature item i.e. Pizza Hut Salad is available at NAHEED SUPERMARKET and is their best running food item.

Our other most popular items include Nachos Salad, Humus Platter, Lasagna, Singaporean Rice and many others. We recently introduced some desserts in our menu and our most liked dessert is the Brownie Trifle with just the right combination of sweet and flavours. Hygiene and quality is our top most priority and we ensure to satisfy our customers and deliver what we promised. We do not make a long list of false assurances, and stay true to our word and that is why we work on pre-orders to ensure the utmost satisfaction and gratification of our clients.

Recently, we did a sponsorship with HSF which gave us an opportunity to gain exposure and we are really grateful to them for having us on board due to which we got this opportunity to be a part of this magazine. We are still miles away from where we hoped to be, but we are confident that one day we will rise and be popular. We hope to be a really famous brand one day and we are constantly working to make our dream come true a little
bit everyday.

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