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Alumni of State Senior High School 5 Medan Batch ’96 ready to help complete school libraries


By Beck’s Medan, Indonesia

In addition to asking the Principal to become an advisor and support regarding the plan to organize the Silver Reunion for the alumni of SMAN 5 Medan batch ’96, the committee on behalf of the alumni also stated that they are ready to assist the school library development plan

This was conveyed by Chairman of the Silver Reunion Committee Laura Silalahi STP accompanied by finance division Wisna Yanti Lubis AMD after a visit to SMAN 5 Medan on Tuesday (20/4/2021).

It was said, alumni also have a moral responsibility to participate in supporting the school development in an effort to increase the level of student achievement at SMAN 5 Medan. Because of that, the committee will soon hold a meeting regarding the donations that will be given to the school to complete the completeness of the school library.

“With this spirit of togetherness, let us provide something useful for the development of knowledge for younger students and for schools that have raised alumni, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Principal of SMAN 5 Medan, Suprayitno, SPD. Msi, accompanied by a senior history teacher, Asyroh Harahap, expressed his gratitude for the attention and visitation of the Silver Reunion committee. In fact, he appreciated the 96th batch of alumni plans to support increased student achievement

According to Suprayitno, currently school parties continue to strive to improve student achievement in order to be equal to other high school schools. Moreover, SMAN 5 Medan is one of the favorite schools.

If you look at the current conditions, it is necessary to accelerate the improvement of student achievement so that they can be on par with other high school schools. We hope that students can follow in the footsteps of the alumni in making academic achievements both at the national and international levels, ”he hoped

Next is the need for infrastructure in developing a school library so that it can be representative.

The library is one of the storehouses of knowledge, so for students who want to read later we have prepared a reflective place to make them more comfortable reading, “he added.

Suprayitno also admitted that he was happy to hear the news about the planned Silver Reunion in December. Because of that he stated his readiness to become an Advisor in the Silver Reunion activities. Because, this activity is very positive to connect the sense of friendship between alumni and remember the past school days

“As the leader of SMAN 5, I really support the holding of this Silver Reunion. Moreover, the committee stated that this reunion was the first reunion after 25 years of graduating from school. Of course, the alumni are looking forward to it. I am proud that the alumni can keep in touch to exchange ideas and at the same time maintain friendship, ”he said

On the occasion of the meeting, Suprayitno also revealed that he had future plans to involve alumni in order to provide positive motivation for students. This is so that students can learn from the experiences of their seniors to be successful. And at the same time it can also foster mutual respect and maintain the hierarchy between seniors and juniors

I also have a plan, Insha Allah, after this pandemic, to make the alumni the inspectors for the ceremony every Monday. The goal is to increase motivation for students through a series of experiences from seniors towards success, ”concluded Suprayitno.

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