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I want people to live more happier, more healthy and more productive life: Mehreen Mushtaq Kazi


By Mehreen Mushtaq Kazi

I am an Educationist, a Trainer, Therapist, Energy Healer, Coach and Formulator of Personal Care Products. I have been serving these duties on a smaller scale for over a decade. I have gotten certifications from Pakistan, India and London. As a passionate humanitarian, I want to help people live happier, healthier, peaceful and productive. I believe that outer beauty, inner health and mental health should be in perfect balance.

My expertise is to heal others for the sake of peace. From the last ten years I have been working for the wellness of my fellow beings. I have a majority of female clientele. I try to heal people through Ruqya, Aromatherapy, sound therapy, Reiki/kundlini healing, stone therapy etc depending on the kind of healing required for them at the moment.

Nature’s Aura by MMK is a healing brand of personal care products. It’s not just ordinary blends. I make my products with sincerity and affection for human race, by using the finest herbs, oils, botanicals and essential oils, maximizing their therapeutic benefits by keeping in mind, the weather conditions, atmosphere, skin types and human nature, and by finding out how I can support people all over the world. Our products are not only beneficial for skin, nails and hair it actually works perfectly on our nervous system. It heal you inside out with care. I usually attune my products with Reiki energy and blend it with prayers, blessings and best wishes.

I had started my journey three years ago and got my certifications in different fields. I have a moderate research over all my products.

The products reach the clients after research, practice and practical use. i test my products personally before launching it to the market, only when its safe to use and giving the best desired results. I have received so much love and blessings from my clients. I usually customize products according to their needs. If your lotion is greasy or oily during summers, I will formulate a very light and easy to absorb lotion for them, which won’t have a tanning effect but provide nourishment to your skin. I have almost 500 formulations that are tried and tested.

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