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Elegance beyond business


By Muniba Saud

Since the hype of social media is on peak the young minds are seeking multiple ways to cater for business in one go. How to make business is a lean fine question of 2021 after an immense breakdown of the business industry due to pandemic 2020.

Social media is a free platform where pawry girl gets famous mimicking Desi Burgers and elite class, which went on viral in Pakistan and to neighbouring counties too.

The art of selling talent is now on prior. I’m Muniba Saud, certified make-up artist and Florist by profession with a creative mind in 3D portraying the art of flowers and makeup brought project-based ideas where the Investor can invest in oneself rather than hire expensive models and agencies to bring out business from them. I believe invest in yourself rather than others. The more you keep yourself in trade with your business the more successful you will be!

MIFCEB (Muniba’s Institute of Fashion, Catering, Event planning & Bakery,) is one online institute to gather every source under a single roof!

Releasing projects taking famous brands in a loop. The idea is inevitably my own and the success rate is 9/10 because we know the results in the end. The projects can be sold out to different platforms to gain followers or increase the sales ratio. Social media is all about soft screen displaying as we are moving away from physical bazaars and markets.

There are more to be followed till the pandemic shades off completely. The idea of getting business is how we breach our typical mindsets of working from home or as entrepreneurs. I am expecting good times in future if my team will concentrate on the idea rather than making money in the name of selling Entrepreneurs via a groups platform.

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