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Meet brilliant artist Aliza Munim Kazi


When ALLAH takes away something, He definitely gives something special in return. Today I would like to share my story with you.

Myself Aliza Munim Kazi, I am deaf by birth.  But gifted with extra talent and everything Masha’Allah. I never took my hearing or speaking disability as my weakness. Instead I proved to be one of the strongest women ever. And of course, my parents played an important role in instilling confidence in me. The struggles and hardships they have gone through cannot be put into simple words.

I am now happily married to the man who is also hearing impaired but equally talented – Munim Kazi. He secured the highest position in Indus valley in textile designing and is now working as a head fashion designer with Amir Adnan. We have four children and all 4 of them can hear normally! my in-laws are also very caring and supportive. We have a great group of friends who are always there for each other. We enjoy our life to the fullest and don’t care about the people who stare at us as we talk in sign language.

I used to teach in my own school (ABSA) but due to the new arrival of baby I had to quit the job. However, I could not leave my passion for work so despite of having 4 kids I manage to make paintings for my clients.

My husband has also walked on ramp as a showstopper for Amir Adnan on Fashion Pakistan week Spring Summer collection (2018) and also have done an advertise of his Eid Collection and Munim is a head fashion designer at Amir Adnan.

My dream is to become a famous artist of Pakistan for which I am working really hard. I participates in any competition which I found on Facebook. Few months ago, there was a live art competition at Port Grand and i secured second position in it. I am also been nominated in an exhibition held at Grandeur Art Gallery and many other exhibitions.

One thing that has kept me motivated throughout was that art has no language and barriers, if one is good at it, he can do it despite any kind of hurdles and limitations. For people sky is the limit, for me, I can go limitless through my art.

I run my Facebook page as well @The World of Art in which I display the beauty of My Art which is loved by everyone in my surroundings. Also participated in HSY’s Competition and he was drooled over by my paintings. Recently went to parliament house Islamabad to receive an award of “KHADIJA TUL QUBRA” it was an honoured to be there.

So, this prestigious platform means a lot for me, through which I can display and present my work to the world. DEAF CAN DO ANYTHING.

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