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Ehad– Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector in Pakistan


By Dr. Anam Daayem   

Ehad Healthcare is Pakistan’s first community healthcare center providing all health services under one roof. Ehad is revolutionizing the primary care infrastructure of Pakistan by providing both online and physical consultation.

Powered by its tech-enabled, data-driven and patient-centric approach, Ehad envisions to reach every nook and corner of the country with its Flagship Community Healthcare Centers and Express Centers.

Ehad’s Philosophy

By adopting a patient-centric approach, Ehad Healthcare offers its patients access to education and awareness which leads to informed decisions about their health.

The aim is to run specific Disease Management Programs, with preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative services on major diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, COPD etc.

Ehad also aspires to cut patient dependency on medication by explaining how chronic diseases ranging from diabetes, asthma and severe heart conditions can be prevented at an early stage with proper diet regulations and a healthy lifestyle.

Ehad Medical Centers

The state-of-the-art and tech-enabled Ehad Medical Centres are visually stunning with a carefully laid-out modern architecture. The centres have Consultant Clinics, Virtual Health Services, fully-functional Labs and temperature-controlled Pharmacies (where you can buy medicines online and in-person). All these services are offered by leading doctors, highly trained nurses, licensed pharmacists and health educationists.

Ehad Pharmacy

Ehad has brought a paradigm shift in the pharmacy services of Pakistan. Ehad Pharmacy is the first internationally standardised temperature controlled pharmacy equipped to ensure maximum customer service. Ehad pharmacy has licensed staff including pharmacists and technicians who ensure that medications are dispensed the correct way.

Ehad pharmacy has led the bar up by providing E-prescriptions through doctors that are further reviewed by pharmacists to ensure the maximum benefit to the patients. Our Pharmacy staff are well-trained in medicine labelling, packaging and dispensing processes.

Ehad pharmacy is totally equipped and prepared in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, providing its customers with a range of products through its E-store including Baby products, Nutritional products, Consumer good products and OTC drugs that you can have delivered to your place. The Dosage Labels also carry QR codes that are linked to their e-store for easy re-ordering by the customer and proper measures are taken to ensure inventory updates and smooth order flow across the organization.

Ehad Consultant Clinics

Ehad Clinics offer personalized executive check-ups, therapy and treatment by renowned consultants of the country.

Ehad also hopes to launch 3000 diabetes clinics and primary care setups in both urban and rural areas of Pakistan. These along with Ehad’s extremely successful and effective 24/7 diabetes helpline service will truly help revolutionize the healthcare services in Pakistan.

Ehad Labs

Ehad Labs are equipped with advanced facilities such as online electronic reporting and image transfer. Additionally Ehad Labs are operated by qualified technicians and pathologists who work tirelessly to serve all customers.

Ehad Virtual Health

Ehad Virtual Health (EVH) is Pakistan’s fully integrated healthcare platform that provides online health services and teleconsultations from top specialist and consultants to people in the comfort of their homes.

This is a unique offering with Online Lab services (with sample collection from home) and Home care services (for chronically ill patients). EVH also offers Nurse-assisted teleconsultation where trained nurses to assess patients’ vitals and do basic examination.

Ehad Virtual Health for Corporates

EVH also offers executive and customized corporate packages assisting organizations with their employee healthcare provision. Annual Screening Packages, Blood Sample collection (from offices), and unlimited teleconsultations from top specialists are offered to employees and their families.

Additionally, Customized Corporate wellness packages are also offered to various organizations.

Lastly, with the ongoing pandemic, EVH has launched Covid-19 services with consultation by Covid specialist doctors, and home visits by nurses specially trained for Covidmanagement.Lab testing services are also offered at home. Home care precautionary packages (Masks, PPE’s) and Oxygen cylinders are also provided to the patients.

The Road Ahead

With a wide range of top of the line services, Ehad yearns to improve the healthcare standards of the country and offer premium quality healthcare services to its customers of all economic classes. Ehad is rocketing ahead with great force, continuously looking for creative solutions to improve their services and customer interaction. All their services are cost-effective and accessible for all Pakistanis.

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