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Sustainable Survival in a Pandemic


By Erum Lakhani, Co-founder Iqra University

Coronavirus has caused a global disruption in businesses and industries, forcing them to evolve for continuity. Sustainability is no longer derived from precedent, but from the core ability to adapt.

The shift in systemic organizations have been massive; the education sector has shifted to an online model, the aviation industry has made tremendous changes to suit the needs, pilgrimage has transformed, sports went behind closed doors, banking sector went to work from home and retail has switched to e-commerce. In these times, global businesses are driven by their pliancy to partake in the race for sustainability.

Similarly, countries are devising new strategies to combat the shortcomings imposed as a result of the pandemic. Various tests and trial models have been introduced but none that serve as a cure, as yet. Research teams from various countries are collaborating for effective results; Pakistan is, for the first time, in phase 3 of clinical trials for a vaccine produced in China. Countries are combating with different strategies; Sweden opted for herd immunity, Pakistan for partial/smart lockdown, Dubai opened up, US remains unheard of strategy, while India opted for a total lockdown.

The lingering uncertainty is causing anxiety and other adverse psychological effects in humans as every day brings a new challenge with itself. We are not sure of what’s coming next. In my views, your preparedness to adapt with the pandemic, and the economic crunch it brings with it, should serve as the ultimate survival kit.

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