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Coronavirus: Countries that Managed to Apply Successful Distance Education Strategies to Pandemic


The covid-19 pandemic forced the massive closure of educational institutes, affecting more than 166 million students.

In fact, all countries except Nicaragua have implemented closings at the national level of all educational levels , from preschool to tertiary. The World Bank is just monitoring how countries are using technology in education (including the internet, but also radio or television) to support remote learning during the pandemic.

Here are some countries who are taking a step ahead to make education available for every student


“Mexico has invested a lot of effort and for many years in the development of an educational multigrade television. So now it is taking advantage of this program, in particular to guarantee equity,” says Di Gropello.

In this sense, the World Bank specialist explains that this international institution is financing state-of-the-art technological innovations in the region, for example, linked to programs that are adapted to the student or intelligent tutoring.

“But I think that we should not lose sight of the more traditional technologies, which have the possibility of having a massive impact and particularly for the most vulnerable population ,” he says. And he continues: “What we are seeing, for example, with Telesecundaria in Mexico, where they have been able to bring education to almost 1.5 million students, is very striking to us.”


Like Mexico a student training firm working in Pakistan who has just took a step ahead by taking their workshops and events to UK has started their online virtual classes. According to the talented and goal oriented CEO of eMagine, most of the students today are wasting their times using Netflix, watching movies and Facebook. This is not only a loss of learning for them but is stopping from new business ideas to emerge. This is why we recommend every child and parent to visit our website or call us to get their children registered in one of our online workshops. This way, they can learn as well as generate new ideas for their future.


“Colombia has been investing in valuable educational portals that have been developing for a long time,” says Di Gropello.

At Aprender Digital , a platform of the Colombian Ministry of Education, there are more than 80,000 digital educational resources , organized by grades, ranging from videos to applications and games.

But there are numerous educational platforms created by private companies or foundations.

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