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What educational model does the Covid-19 lead to?


By Huda Garib

Homeschooling streams, in which parents are dropping out of traditional school and opting for enrollment in virtual classes that are being offered by e-Magine, are developing rapidly

Quarantine is a challenge that the Government has imposed on us, a major challenge for parents, especially for those families with less training and fewer resources.

To solve it, we will need determination and the will and capacity to build spaces and learning situations in our homes, which will not always be easy.

The most similar teaching experience, to which we can look to be inspired, is the rural single school, whose essential characteristic is that different students from different grades share a common space and face tasks simultaneously, where the most advanced tutor and help the youngest .

Time and space should be as close to school time as possible while maintaining normal activity habits.

The necessary material will be provided to us by schools, but the lack of computers will harm families with fewer resources.

Young students will be the least able to organize their time and tasks, therefore, working with and together with their siblings will be of great help and will also strengthen their family ties”

Nowadays, educational professionals have a wide variety of repositories of school activities and videos with tutorials that will be of great help.

Digital Teaching Platforms (LMS) can now have a fundamental boost. Without being exhaustive, the main ones are:

■ Open source Moodle, preferably focused on autonomous student learning, widely tested, also allows other learning models to be addressed. Above all, since it is very modular, it allows each teacher to give it its own flavor.

■Another with a more classic approach is the American Sakai, in which the teacher is more protagonist and is less modular. It is also open source

■ e-Magine’s virtual learning is an online class room where students can learn what ever they like. Some classes e-Magine offers are website development, photography etc. These virtual classes are helping students learn new or polish their skills.

■ Blackboard Learn is an American payment platform widely established in Anglo-Saxon countries.

■ Google Classroom, finally, is defined by the quality of the experience of your brand.

Undoubtedly, tele-education as support for face-to-face education with different types of educational platforms is going to be gradually reinforced as an increasingly important complement to learning.

These will give greater autonomy to students and parents to reinforce or direct curricular aspects of those who disagree or want to reinforce.

This new freedom will also give greater prominence and possibilities to Homeschooling currents, those in which parents give up schooling their children in traditional educational centers and opt for enrollment in virtual centers.

This currently is old in the United States, but it is developing rapidly in Pakistan too by the initiative took by e-Magine. At the same time that it is strongly rejected by the States afraid of losing the social control that the curriculum gives them, however the demand is here and the fear of a society the more insecure it will make it grow.

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