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7 big changes are coming to the world post lockdown


By Muhammad Jahangir Alam

According to some experts such massive crisis and pandemic always changes turns the history up side down either positively or negatively.

After the lockdown business won’t be similar as before. As per to an official stats, Americans have lost about 10 million jobs because of the Coronavirus and if we talk about Pakistan, as always daily wagers are suffering and will suffer the most.

According to financial experts markets will have to struggle the most to come back at their previous position and this might take 2-3 years because obviously post lockdown when business will start to work again regularly they will not have sufficient resources. Demand and supply ration will be completely disrupted. They will have to face lack of capital and men power to run the business rightly. The employers will face difficulty in paying salaries. Even investors will think hundred times before investing because they never invest in any deserted environment. It’s highly possible for stock market will take 3-5 years to achieve the same position that was in Dec’19. Global economy will suffer for years to come, says Department of Economic and Community Development.

Now in this kind of crisis government have to play their proactively and their intervention will be more required but government dependency will increase on multibillion corporation because government will not be able to handle it solely and due to this multi billion corporation will demand their fair share in govt., policies will be made according to their will and we can say that there is a possibility that we might enter in capitalist environment where less privileged will have to suffer as always and poverty line will shift more downwards.

All the developing countries developing countries dependency will not just increase in multibillion companies but even on global financial institutions such IMF and world bank.

If we look at world power so there will be a drastic shift from US to China as the world has already seen the way China handled the calamity and how US has done it and unfortunately, at the moment US has the most number of cases.

But there will be one positive impact on developing countries like Pakistan that is the healthcare system will be upgraded as you can already see the way Pakistan is rapidly setting up new labs, increasing ventilators because if their was no Coronavirus this would not have been done even in next 5 years. And this is the only plus point that focus on healthcare system will increase.

Previously, military budget was the ,most significant in almost every country but, now health investment will also become an important matter.

Further on, people will expect much more serious government because they have seen the different way of governance in such crisis specially of China and this result in people being more clear and attentive in voting and opting for the government.

Rise in online businesses will be seen as people will get habitual of online activities after this episode. And later on also they will opt for online shopping rather than traditional markets. Therefore, when few businesses will wipe out, other new businesses will startup which will be mainly based on online system bringing and advancement in industries related to online businesses such shipping industries and packaging industries.

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