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No Power invincible on Earth: Kalim Farooqui


Mr. Kalim Farooqui being the senior vice president of English Speaking Union of Pakistan (ESUP) along-with being the senior vice president of Pakistan Japan Business Forum (PJBF) and member Karachi Council for Foreign Relations (KCFR) keeps him in constant limelight

Mr. Farooqui was talking to a section of media on current endemic, Corona-Virus (COVID-19) that has hit the world severely, he said; “it’s time for us all to pause and think seriously. We as humans have gone much too far with different ideologies, technological innovations, self-invented and propagated systems and above all for material gains irrespective of methods to acquire it. This is applicable from individual level to nations”.

With a very concerned look on his face, he said; “have we not witnessed senseless wars killing millions with an agenda behind them, extended lock-down of communities in their own land, killing and mutilating of people in the name of their conceived religious supremacy? In the greed for economic and political gains, the world leaders stood as quiet spectators. We have also witnessed how when three leaders unite and decide to knock some sanity into global affairs, they are quietened down by their own brethren from the Muslim world threatening consequences”.

To conclude his thoughts on current scenario, he said; “almighty Allah has his own ways and we are now facing his wrought. With all the technological might and combining of resources, humans have not been able to find a solution to what the leader of the most powerful nation terms as “invisible enemy” and which has penetrated all 50 states of his country and into the homes of some world leaders”, this clearly means that no power on earth is invincible by any means. According to him, best way to handle this situation is to be remorseful, repent and seek forgiveness and pray that we all and the powers that be and are guided by him to follow the right path in line with the teachings of our great Prophet (PBUH) whose core mission was to show the path of righteousness. Aameen.

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