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Shaan-e-Pakistan aims to facilitate economic and cultural sisterhood for Pakistan – Irfan Pardesi


Irfan Pardesi about Shaan-e-Pakistan

President of Shaan-e-Pakistan, Mr. Irfan Pardesi was candidly sharing his views on upcoming 5th edition of Shaan-e-Pakistan in Sri Lanka on a conference call with our Executive Editor Rafiq Vayani and our interviewer Kamran Hashim and briefly the Founder Huma Nassr also graced us.

Huma Nassr, Founder of Shaan e Pakistan

Mr. Irfan Pardesi who also is the Founder and President of The Zee Foundation said; “5th edition of Shan-e-Pakistan themed as ‘Promising Shaan-e-Pakistan’ is around the corner on the 20th of March at 4.05pm.”

This three day Shaan-e-Pakistan Festival will take Pakistani Decision makers to Colombo belonging to Real Estate both builders and contracting services, Interior design services, Food and Fashion Franchising and definitely the Travel Industry. It will also serve as an excellent opportunity for Pakistani Franchisable Brands to explore this untapped market.

Award winning and popular amongst big celebrity Events. Usman Bawany would be curating Food

He said; “Shaan-e-Pakistan Festival has been going on for five years, under the auspicious leadership of Huma Nassr, the Iconic founder, the Powerhouse who has pulled off unimaginable things   episodically over 4 continents in the last decade. She still sits at the helm and also runs the complete show on the ground. We working towards providing economic benefit from the nearest international accessible market, and thankfully a friendly market; unfortunately a rare commodity.”

He says he would like to see Shaan-e-Pakistan facilitate conversations. It had enough excitement for me that I decided to resign from top-most executive positions of two multi-nationals & joined Shaan-e-Pakistan as President. I am looking forward to it as a new challenge”.

Replying to a question on why Sri Lanka? Irfan Pardesi said; “honestly, because the chances of getting corona is lower at an Island than here in Pakistan. Although with the kind of weather we are in, the chances of the virus surviving in our minds is probably worse than the virus itself.”

President of Shaan-e-Pakistan, Mr. Irfan Pardesi

Huma Nassr, The Founder Quickly added; “another reason for choosing Colombo is its harmonious ambiance. It’s a very vibrant city, where top faiths like Muslims, Buddhists, Christian and Hindus live in almost equal proportions with religious harmony. That presents unique opportunities like Selling Ramazan Packages with 100 Pakistani Products to a fraction of 2.5M muslims or In good time to sell Pakistani Real Estate but for now Invite Sri Lankans to visit Pakistan.

Irfan added “Its unfortunate We haven’t onboarded Pakistani travel/tour operators yet that could sell Pakistan Well.  It would have been awesome to go and invite Sri Lankans to visit us at the the Gandhara Festival. In April. And Muslims for Eid. It is school holidays and this city pair is one of the few expected to operate.”

“Aaj kal Rafiq Bhai Sagay Rishtadaar naheen aatay baghair daawat kay…yeh cn.com peh number 1 honay sey tourism barhta tau cn.com number 1 karnay kay 100m dollar leta. Magar yeh naheen samjhaingay.”

Replying to a question of one of the participants of the business community member during the call, he said; “once announcing, we got a tremendous response from the traders community due this we had to limit the number of participants from each sector. We will have 3 participants (max) from each sector.

The exciting thing I see is as an excellent opportunity for Decision Makers in IT development, Interior & Architectural services, Health and Clinics ranchising, educational institutes and . The good thing is its just the person that needs to go. No more stalls needed really. We will have meeting rooms and board rooms and arrange private lunches and dinners.

Dr. Haroon, probably the most affluent Memon of Sri Lanka representing and hosting the 10000 strong century old Memons of Colombo and Mr. Shiraz Yoonus who represents 2.5 millions Muslims of Sri Lanka and was a recent graduate of NDU.

Mr Shiraz Yoonus who is the most widely known muslim politician known to be representing the 2.5M muslim population and a very trusted man would also be a Co-Host at the Opening Ceremony. He was recently visiting Pakistan and also attended NDU.

Founder Huma Nassr ended by sharing her message “I have always believed in spreading the message of peace and love. This journey has taken me to highs and lows, but whenever I see the word Pakistan in Shaan-e-Pakistan, all my worries go away and my determination doubles. Please help us in our drive to grow the name of Pakistan or at-least just pray for us”.

On concluding note President Shaan-e-Pakistan Mr. Irfan Pardesi said while referring to the plaque; “through this scribe, I would like to invite all the Sri Lankans to come and explore unmatched hospitality, harmonious music and (no word can describe it) Food of Pakistanis on Pakistan Day and may the beautiful and adventurous landscape of Pakistan leave you spell bound one day. I love the fact this scribe could be referred to in times to come.” Also said Pakistan’s true value is in its hospitality. And ended by saying.

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