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Hot Bite Restaurant – Pioneer of Do Darya Food Street is now at Khadda Market


KARACHI: Hot-Bite started off during 2003 when three food lovers and entrepreneurs namely Mr. Rehan Munir Khan, Mr. Rizwan Munir Khan and Main Mazhar Noor thought about opening a restaurant somewhere in Karachi. Their mind wandered to an un-developed phase VIII of Defence Housing Authority, which at that time was very not developed and had no real roads access it either way.

Mr. Rehan Munir Khan CEO of Hot-Bites was talking briefly with the team of BizToday International during the teams visit to their Hot-Bite Restaurant at Khadda Market.  Mr. Rehan Munir Khan said; “we started Hot-Bite during 2003 at a very remote locality in DHA Phase 8. That locality had no name by that time neither did it have any proper road at that time. A very rugged road or would we call it a dirt-track was the only way of communication to our restaurant ‘Hot-Bite’. It was tough start for us and I remember for first few months we literally had no customers. Slowly and gradually things started getting better and customers started flowing in”.

Mr. Rehan Munir Khan further said; “we are in food business for almost 30 years now, our concept is very clear, which is to be as simple and as original as possible. We are not big fan of artificial structures so for our restaurant we chose to be as simple and as original as possible. We use bamboo-sticks, wooden-tables and red-bricks etc etc to keep as close to original as possible”.

He further said; “Besides opening the first restaurant in that locality, we also take credit of naming that locality as ‘Do Darya’. That locality had no name by then and we named it Do Darya (which means two rivers). We are the pioneers of Do Darya Food Street. Some of our dear friends call us baba-e-Do Darya. Alhamdulliah we succeeded in converting the crowed that was fond of going to super-highway for a long drive followed by peaceful & lavish dinner to Do Darya where in addition to peace and quiet ambiance they got cool and soothing sea breeze”. For spices we opt for best available source in Karachi i.e. Bolton Market. Third most important factor that we see is the economical factor, we are very economical and affordable. We something for everyone starting for as low as Rs 70 list goes on and on”.

When asked about the secret of success, renowned businessman Mr. Irfan Perdesi said; “I would like to inform you that we have pretty much the same team since the time we started off, for me it’s all about teamwork. All staff / team-members are like a family for me and my partners, we treat them as best as we can. This is most important factor of our success. Other factor that I see is that we emphasize on fresh edible items, every day we procure fresh meat (beef, chicken and mutton) from local market and same is the case with vegetables/fruits. I feel that this venue is not highlighted properly and if highlighted we will be having waiting-times like we have at other restaurants. He further said; “this venues seems appropriate for international food festivals”

Rehan Munir Khan further added that; “since we never compromise on quality, positive vibe about our eatery spread throughout and since then we have served some of the big names in their relevant sectors which include Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, Siraj Qasim Teli, Waseem Akhtar, Kamran Khan, Behram Avari, Farhan Pardesi, Irfan Pardesi to name a few. Due to such clientele we were once dubbed as ‘rich man’s dhabba’ by one of the leading daily of Pakistan. We can proudly say that we have repeated clients”.

On a question about chef’s recommendation at Hot-Bite, Mr. Rehan Munir Khan said; “our Bar-B-Que items like malai boti and reshmi kabab are highly recommended and on Karhai side our normal shahi karhai is very well made so is our peshawari karhai and mughlai karhai. Our steaks specially the one with tarragon sauce is served in a very sizzling manner. Our top pizzas are fajita and bar-b-que pizza, our Japanese speciality is Teriyaki. Beef Mushroom Burger is big enough to serve two normal size customers.  We also have a nice and decent variety of desserts. Overall we serve 130 dishes and all of them are equally tasty and are prepared from best quality ingredients”.

On query on what Hot-Bite offers today, Mr. Rehan Munir Khan said; “today Hot-Bite is a multi-cuisine restaurant with ample amount of space for families, friends, groups and children. We make sure to provide sufficient space to our every diner so that everyone enjoys their food and relax within their privacy like wise. We have an ample parking space for around 200 cars with valet services. Beside dine-in we also cater to take-away clients. Hot-Bite also delivers directly and via FoodPanda also. We also have wi-fi and projector screen where events like FIFA World Cup and recent cricket series were shown live”.

Mr. Rehan Munir Khan further added that; “our venue can also be pre-booked for private gatherings/events like weddings, valeema, office meetings etc etc. We can cater upto of 400 guests.  We have designed a party menu which includes a 4 course meal, salad bar including raita, fresh-roti from live tandoor and drinks (water or soft drinks). All this at Rs 1,300/head. At this moment we are arranging events at our restaurant but pretty soon we have having our own dedicated banquet for these type of events. Our banquet is not ready yet but soon it will soon be ready for events”.

Mr. Rehan Munir Khan, Mr. Rizwan Munir Khan and Main Mazhar Noor were kind enough to invite us for their upcoming event 16th November 2018 where we can witness their services at full glow.

Mr. Rizwan Munir Khan Director at Hot-Bite said; “our inspiration has always been the trend-setter in dining industry which is obviously Bar-B-Que Tonight, but we are planning to launch own unique theme. We want to bring back the time of 1947 and for that we are working on an idea which we have named ‘1947 theme’, which aims at bringing back the old Karachi of 1947 like food of that time, ambiance of the restaurant and also the get-up of staff that use to be at that time.  We want to bring back purana Karachi”.

After a brief discussion with owners/entrepreneurs of Hot-Bite, a tour to their kitchen was arranged for us. Kitchen seemed grand and we were told that to keep ambiance close to originality they had arranged red bricks from punjab for beautification of their kitchen. Their grand kitchen consisting of following sections; Bar-B-Que section, followed by Karhai section, then Chinese section, Steak section, Pizza section where oven was prepared with special red-bricks from punjab, Tandoor section where various type of rotis are made and then finally dessert section. A dedicated section for chai was also seen preparing tea and other related hot beverages on charcoal.

after a detailed discussion and kitchen visit dinner was served for us and immediately we served with Hot and Sour Soup in bigger than normal bowl to increase our appetite and then Dynamite Prawns were served as starters. From their moving forward to main course we decided to mix-up our order by opting for continental as well as desi. On the continental side, we were highly recommended for Hot-Bites signature burger named as Grilled Beef Burger which was served with coleslaw and awesome tasting french fries.

On desi side reshmi kabab and malai boti were tenderly made and tasted very delicious. Both bar-b-que items seemed prepared to perfection. All this topped up with Chicken Karhai which was prepared with a base consisting of mostly green pepper and tomato. All these desi cuisines were served with various type of nans.

On the concluding note we would like to inform you that the pioneers of Do Darya (Hot-Bite) are back again to rock your taste buds, now at khadda market!! Hot-Bite restaurant offers a plethora of food options each of which will sate your hunger and keep you begging for more as well as a makes-you-feel-desi-yet-modern. BIZ TODAY REPORT

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