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Temla Rice by JJ Foods Wins Prestigious “Most Innovative Rice Brand” at Biz Today International Food Innovation Awards


By Mariam Hina/Rafiq Vayani

DUBAI/KARACHI: It marked an important milestone for the food industry where the flagship product of JJ Foods, Temla Rice, was awarded the “Most Innovative Rice Brand” at the Biz Today International Food Innovation Awards. This goes on to prove and project that quality and innovation are the pillars running the enigma called JJ Foods in the area of food production.

The evening of great prestige was awarded to Mr. Muhammad Arsalan Javed, CEO of JJ Foods, in a grand ceremony held at the Marriott Hotel, Karachi, on Saturday, 6th July 2024. It was attended by the top ranks of leaders and innovators in food to celebrate newness and innovation in food production, sustainability, technology, health, and taste.

The Food Innovation Awards were hosted by Biz Today International, an online independent business news publication highly regarded globally. The online publication features businesses from around the world together with their positive international business news to foster progress and innovation.

Temla Rice has been able to bring out high quality, and unique attributes that set new standards in the rice industry. This has resulted through unique cultivation techniques, quite sustainable farming, and exceptionally magnificent nutritional value. This award recognizes Temla Rice’s hard work, dedication, toil of entire team, JJ Foods, for bringing out a high-quality product to market.

Mr. Muhammad Arsalan Javed, in an official statement, admired and said he felt elated while receiving the award. “We are really humbled to be recognized as the Most Innovative Rice Brand by Biz Today International. This award is the acknowledgement of our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. We work indefatigably to ensure that the best quality products are brought to our consumers while working relentlessly towards making farming practices sustainable and responsible.”

The Food Innovation Awards recognize the very finest of the food industry, rewarding those that go the extra mile to make so many impossible things possible in food production and distribution possible today. This year’s awards put a big focus on how important innovation is in the quest to meet global challenges to food and healthier, more sustainable food systems.

The event brought together luminaries of the industry to celebrate the achievements of each company and shared insights into the future of food. There has been networking, sharing of ideas, and learning about the latest trends and innovations in food. It was a potboiler of inspiration and knowledge that created a collaborative atmosphere for further advancements in the future.

With the award-winning Temla Rice in its kitty, JJ Foods shall never stop setting benchmarks for others. Quality and innovation have powered the company alone toward this all-important award but more than that, securing consumer trust and loyalty. JJ Foods would work toward leading the market with an undeterred eagerness to brew improvement in products and processes.

Again, Biz Today International Food Innovation Awards have an incredible potential prerequisite for the food industry. Companies like JJ Foods are at the helm of innovation, leading the way forward to ensure the future is bright and people across the world will have foods produced sustainably.

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